Cute Fashion Tips for Children

The sudden change in weather has made me realise just how unprepared my family are wardrobe wise for the summer. It seems to have crept up on me out of nowhere and I have spent the last couple of weeks digging through the bits I stashed away from the kids last year’s wardrobe trying to put some outfits together.  

The great thing about having three little girls is that I can pass a lot of clothing down, it saves me some pennies but as the girls get older they do seem to have very different tastes and ideas about what they want to wear so I still find myself coming up short. I do love that they are so different though, so I am more than happy to support their individual styles in a way that compliments each other. 

Maisy for example loves pink, she adores anything floaty or swishy and loves anything with added sparkles the prettier the better. Bella on the other hand loves cool slogan tee’s being tucked into a denim skirt, she’s not huge on dresses and would much rather a play suit or shorts, something that allows her to still climb trees and run riot. 

It got me thinking kids and fashion, so I thought I’d share some tips for when it comes to great fashion for kids. 

Quality over quantity

As I said, where I can I like to be able to get the most from the clothes I buy and allow the girls to hand them down to one another. So, I tend to buy quality over quantity. I would prefer for the girls to have a few really nice outfits than a wardrobe bursting with items that will only last a wash or two. 

Shop online

High quality or branded clothes needn’t cost the earth, Check out the New arrivals from Strawberry Children I love Kenzo for Bella, it’s a brand that matches her style and personality perfectly! Online I find great discounts and can save so much money. 

All in one – all the way

Jumpsuits and playsuits are essentials in my girls’ wardrobes. They’re so stylish, I don’t need to think about what goes with what, making it so easy to throw on in the mornings. They are also really comfortable for my three active little ladies. They work really well on holiday. 

Let children express themselves

Allowing the kids to express themselves through fashion really makes getting ready each day a much painless process, they are so happy to get ready as they have a say in what they wear and how they wear it. Obviously within reason, you won’t catch the girls going out in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of Janurary but they have a say in what I buy and what they wear.  

Now time for the fun part – I love shopping with my girls, it’s great fun and they really enjoy it too. We’re going to hit the shops this weekend to get all summer ready so look out for a haul soon! 


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  1. May 18, 2019 / 7:09 am

    Comfort should be the priority for children’s fashion. Great post though!

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    Nice work Amy! Kudos.

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