Playmobil City Life Playground Play set |Review|

My daughters are huge fans of making and creating so when they received the Playmobil City Life Childrens Playground play set they were so excited to start building.

I love how easy the instructions are to follow, each step has its own page in the booklet with a clear and precise image. It means that the girls cannot follow with minimal input from me. As much as I love to sit and play with them there is something quite special about stepping back and watching your children work together to create something.

It didn’t take too long for the girls to get the majority of the play set together, they needed help with a few fiddly bits but other than that they were really independent with it. A nice quiet morning for me.

The Children’s play ground includes two slides, a swing, skateboard ramp, chair carousel and loads of accessories such as buckets and spades, food for a BBQ, picnic benches and lots more.

Their verdict since? Well it’s been their most played with toy each day after school. There are 9 different Playmobil figures included in this set which I think is great, most play sets just provide one or two and with three children it doesn’t go down well. Having lots of figures means Lottie can send someone spinning on the carousel while Maisy has someone skate boarding and Bella is pushing the pram around the park.


They have been loving playing together with their new Playmobil play set, I am definitely going to be picking another up for them for Christmas. Not only is the build great fun but they now have endless games to play together.

You can find the Playmobil City Life Children’s Playground in Smyths stores or online here. The playlet RRP’s at £39.99.


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