The Most Child-Friendly Holiday Destinations

When planning a family holiday at any time in the year, it can be difficult to find somewhere suitable. You will want to find somewhere with enough attractions to keep you all entertained; it will need to be within your budget and ideally somewhere that is not too challenging to travel. In addition to this, you will also want to choose somewhere that is child-friendly so that you can relax and the kids can enjoy themselves. Fortunately, there are many excellent child-friendly holiday destinations that tick all of the boxes and should allow for a special trip for everyone.


Many of the Greek Islands are ideal for families, but Kefalonia is perhaps the most child-friendly with beautiful beaches, stunning countryside and a warm and welcoming culture. There are beautiful villas in Kefalonia throughout the island which will give you peace, quiet and privacy and these are the best way to embrace the chilled out, laidback way of life here.


Family cruises are another great option. Firstly if you board from the UK then you have no flights, so that in turn means no waiting around in airports with impatient kids! They also have incredible facilities on board including great kids clubs Royal Caribbean is 100% up there as our dream cruise for a family trip. I have been on a couple of day review trips and absolutely loved it! Check out Cruising With Kids for the ultimate guide to cruising as a family – they have the best guides to things like drinks packages and room tours.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are very popular with families, and it is easy to see why! They boast a fantastic climate, the resorts are affordable, and they are very accommodating to families. Which island is best will depend on your own tastes and budget as each has its own characteristics and highlights. The Canary Islands are also easy to travel to and a great option if you are on a budget.


Spain’s southern coast is a hotspot for families during the summer months with many friendly, affordable and safe resorts. If you are looking for somewhere child-friendly for a sun, sea and sand holiday, then this is a brilliant option. Due to it being such a popular tourist destination, it means that the language is not a problem and you are sure to meet many fellow parents on your trip.


It is no surprise that France is often the first country that parents take their children to as it is very easy, quick and cheap to get to and it is also one of the more child-friendly destinations in Europe. The countryside is filled with beautiful villas that you can rent and make your home for the duration of your stay. The weather is also just right during the summer months! We took a trip to one of the EuroCamps and had a blast!


You do not always have to travel overseas for a special family holiday, and there are many terrific destinations in the UK that are child-friendly. A few good examples include the New Forest, Cornwall, the Lake District, the Isle of Wight, Blackpool, Brighton and Pembrokeshire. These holidays can be much more affordable and easier, plus you know that language will not be a problem. We love a good staycation you can read about some of our favourites here.

Choosing the right destination for your family holiday is tricky, but the above are all great options which are known for being child-friendly. It means that they are safe and welcoming places where there will be plenty of places to go and activities to try during your stay.


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