Crazy Golf With Mighty Claws!

Crazy Golf With Mighty Claws!

The girls have recently discovered a new love and that is for crazy golf. I won’t lie there is work needed but they absolutely love it! I remember trying it with them a couple of years back and hey just ran off kicked balls and it was a bit of a disaster. They’re finally at an age where they can play, enjoy and we actually get to finish the whole course – it’s great!

We were very kindly invited down to Mighty Claws recently to enjoy an after school pizza, milk shake and round of golf.
Mighty Claws is the most impressive crazy golf course I have ever seen, the jurassic landscape is filled with moving dinosaurs – the kids were so amazed by it all.

As we all know it’s getting darker and darker in the evenings but the flood lights keep it all well lit so we could finish up our game as it got later.

The course itself suits those of all abilities, Lottie is only 4 and she was so capable of joining in and enjoying herself. As you can see in this picture above she holds her club more like a hammer – it was a rather interesting technique but one that secured her 2nd place so maybe the way forward?

After a whooped all their butts (complete lie – I lost spectacularly) it was time for pizza and milk shakes – is there a better combo?

All the pizzas are prepared and cooked in front of you in a wood burner.

We got 4 between 5 of us but it was rather optimistic. We ended up taking 1 and a half home in a box but it was a very nice late night snack!

Lots of fab toppings and available, you all know now I love a good pizza so this was spot on.

The milk shakes are what made it all the more special for the girls, from Oreo to strawberry cheese cake they had a great selection that tasted amazing and looked even better.

We had a fab time and would highly recommend Mighty Claws as a great family fun venue.


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