Three Simple After School Snack Ideas

If your household is anything like mine, after school is kind of mental. The kids come in with bags, books and coats being flung everywhere. They start thrusting a variety of home work diaries, forms to fill in and empty lunch boxes in my direction before the cries of starvation begin. Yes, it’s all very dramatic, then the race is on to grab them a quick snack. Aiming for something that will satisfy those hunger pangs whilst not completely filling them up before dinner. These are my go-to quick after school snack ideas, so I wanted to share them with you guys.

These simple after school snack ideas are made-up of things you will typically find in any mums food cupboards. They’re a bit more interesting for children than your standard ‘have a a biscuit’ which always makes my girls more keen to try. They are quick to prepare, healthy and should keep them happy until dinner time!

After School Snack Ideas to keep kids full until dinner time.

Three simple after school snack ideas


Banana and Oat Balls

I have made these a bunch of times in previous videos and even have similar recipe here. They are just so easy to make and my daughters favourite snack.

Simply mash two bananas (the riper the better) and mix in a cup of porridge oats.
Roll the mixture into balls and bake at 150/gas mark 3 for 12-15 mins.
Allow to cool for 5 minutes and enjoy!

Banana and Oat Balls 

Chocolate and Raspberry Rice Cakes

This is all about combining three of the girls favourite things and making them look cute! Kids just like anything that looks interesting and it makes an otherwise boring rice cake fun.

Spread a thin layer of nuttela onto unsalted rice cakes.
Top with raspberries, strawberries or what ever their favourite fruit happens to be.

Chocolate and Raspberry Rice Cakes 

Cashew Butter and Apple Bites

This is super simple and one that will cure the cravings for something sweet.

Chop and apple into bite size pieces and pop them with your favourite nut butter. The kids and I are loving cashew butter at the moment but it’s just as yummy with peanut butter or almond butter.

This was always a weird combination for me to get my head around. Don’t ask me why but it just works and I love it as much as the girls!

Cashew Butter and Apple Bites

I’ve also made a little video sharing my after school snack ideas – you can watch here if video is more your thing! 

After school snack ideas


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