A Guide to Creating the Perfect Nursery

You find out that yourself or your partner is pregnant. It’s a momentous experience, and you cannot contain how excited you are to start this new chapter in your lives. However, there’s a lot to do so that you and your family are prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Preparing a nursery is a must. You need a crib, a changing table and a room that is completely dedicated to your baby. Cute critters and animals are on shelves and in a toy chest, while the walls are painted the sex of your baby – or a gender-neutral color because you want to leave it as a surprise.

Choose a Style or Theme

Landing on a specific idea will bring cohesion to your nursery. You want the room to be relaxing for both the baby and yourself, and themes such as woodland creatures or a minimalistic Scandinavian design could create the atmosphere you are after. There are many trends to consider, too, such as hand-lettered signs and even velvet – all of which can add texture and personality to your nursery.

Textiles Before Paint

Select your curtains, pillows, and armchair before you paint the walls. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect textiles, only for them to clash. With such an array of colors to choose from, it’s much easier finding a color or shade to match the furniture and accents of the room, rather than the other way round.

Decorate the Ceiling

Babies spend most of their time on their back, so why not give them something to look at? You can paint the ceiling a neutral and soothing color, or you can add small details such as star, flowers or birds.

Decide on Layout

Your nursery needs to be functional. There is nothing worse than trying to change your baby when you didn’t position the diapers or supplies near enough to reach. Sit down and plan where all the furniture is going to go and which need to be closer to one another. For instance, the clothing station should be near the changing station. An armchair should also be near the crib so you can tuck your baby into the crib without risk of waking him or her up. 

Be able to Regulate the Temperature

Your baby needs to be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Therefore, have a radiator installed, as well as a ceiling fan. For the former, warmrooms.co.uk have a large selection of radiators to choose from, so if you are need of a column radiator to save space, they will be able to help. Also have blankets at hand, so you can add or take away whatever seems right.

Have Baby-Friendly Lighting

Harsh lighting can be too intense for your baby to look up at, so you need to swap out the bulbs for duller ones or have the main light on a dimmer switch. What’s more, you should have a sidelight for when you are reading bedtime stories, as well as a nightlight, which are not only adorable but also help with late-night feedings and changes. 


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