Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room |REVIEW|

I like to think myself bit of a mystery solver. Put on an episode of Sherlock Holmes and I am in my element! The girls are just the same, if were trying to solve who ate the last of the chocolate biscuits they’re very good at coming up with back stories, alibis and their own conclusions.

When Smyths got in touch and asked if we would like to try out Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room by Yulu Games I thought it would be a great opportunity to put our spy skills to the test!

The aim of the game is for players to work together to collect three keys in challenges of skill, strategy and luck, before time runs out to free the other player. It’s the type of game you need give the instructions a good read through and almost ave a test run before you really set the timer.

The game was easy to set up; with step by step instructions for assembly and pictures that are well labelled. Oh how a label makes life so much easier! The timer requires two AAA batteries but other than that it all just clips together and is ready to go. The quiz master playing cards are separated in three colours to determine difficulty great for paying with younger children.

Spy Code - Operation: Escape Room

And then the games begun..

Spy Code - Operation: Escape Room

It made Bella’s day to be strapped in and us having to save her, as soon as you press the button the clock starts to tick and the pressure sets in.

The with each completed stage you release a key to start the next, it’s really clever how it works. After a couple of turns the girls knew exactly what they were doing and we were all having so much fun with it! I even managed to be strapped in and rescued at one point.

Spy Code - Operation: Escape Room

Spy Code - Operation: Escape Room

Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room RRP’s at £19.99 from Smyths. It’s a fantastic family game that everyone can get involved in. The game is recommended for ages 6+ and I would agree if they want to play independently. Lottie is only 4 but she had great fun with a little help from me and her big sisters.

We loved playing, I know this game will be a firm favourite in my girls game selection from now on.


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