Getting Outside With Little Tikes!

It’ll come as no surprise to you for me to say the girls and I love getting outside. If you have followed this blog for a long time you will have followed a lot of our outdoorsy adventures but one thing I am really slacking in is outdoor play at home.

Since going back to work I have realised what a blessing the back garden can be, it gives the girls the chance for some fresh air after a long day at school an it also gives me chance to get some chores done without them being under my feet. I’ve had to think outside the box a little to encourage it though so when Little Tikes sent us some fab new garden toys we couldn’t wait to get them up and running.

Fun Zone Drop Zone

First up is the Fun Zone Drop Zone from Little Tikes; It’s a really fun little take on a water park for the little ones.
The girls were so excited to splash about in their little pool after school. Construction was a little tricky, definitely needs abit of patience but once it was all ready the girls loved it!

Filling up the little conveyor belt with balls and waiting for them to tip on their head had them squealing with excitement for ages.
The pool itself is quite little but my garden is only small so really it was idea to just let them have a splash about.

It can also be used indoors as a fun little ball pit without the water I really like that you can get your use out of it in winter too.


Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Next up the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox; this was just perfect for Lottie. Just the right little size for this little girl. Maisy and Bella are admitidly a little too old for this now although they did like helping Lottie make some castles. Lottie how ever could just sit for ages pouring sand, filling things up and making castle after castle!

It turns out I am not alone in wanting to get the girls outside more a recent survey by Little Tikes found engrossing videogames, wet weather and even fear of getting muddy to be some of the most common excuses British kids use to get out of playing outdoors! Psychologist Emma Kenny shared some great tips for getting the kids outdoors.

  1. Have fun with them! Kids absolutely love to spend time with their parents. Whether you create an obstacle course in the garden up and over the slide and around the sandpit, or a simple game of hide and seek, playing together is fantastic for bonding and ensures lots of healthy activity.
  2. Get kids growing! Connecting children with nature is a sure fire way to spark their interest in and connection with the outdoors. Planting sunflower seeds and having a ‘whose grows tallest’ competition is a simple way to get things growing!
  3. Get creative with the outdoors, messy play becomes a lot more fun when it doesn’t matter how messy you get. The sandpit and water table are great places to start making memories, and why not take the paints, paper and brushes outdoors and help your kids with their messy masterpieces.
  4. Go on a nature treasure trail. Grab some bags and go out on a nature walk, take their scooter or trike making sure you gather interesting pebbles, and leaves along the way. When you get home you can make creative collages that you can keep as souvenirs.
  5. Get them den building! You’re never too old or too young for den building. Aside from building imagination, dexterity and divergent play skills, there is nothing more exciting than having a secret den to play in.
  6. Go moon watching as a family. From counting stars, to learning all the shapes of the moon. Getting outside at night can help relax children before bed and help with a restful sleep.
  7. Play bug detectives! Get muddy looking under rocks and digging in the soil to see how many bugs and worms you can spot. This activity brings nature to life and helps kids feel a sense of excitement in the outside world.

Love these ideas, some in there we will be trying for sure over the summer holidays!


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