4 years of blogging and finding my mojo again

Four years of blogging came and went with out me saying a word. It wasn’t until yesterday as I sat lunching and catching up with some of my favourite blogging friends that I realised I had actually hit that 4 year milestone!

The specific date was only last week so it isn’t like I’m months out writing this post to celebrate four years of me blogging.

Each year I tend to write about how blogging has changed my life. How it has become my career and talk about the many amazing experiences I have had and while it is still all true and I feel very grateful about all this, the last year my blog has changed a lot.

I lost my blogging mojo for much of last year and for the majority of 2018 too if I am honest. Juggling three kids, a failing relationship and really working hard on growing my youtube was just a massive strain on me.
My blog was left behind a little and whilst I still regularly wrote content my heart just wasn’t in it.

Thankfully so much has changed over the last few months, I am back in full time work which has just made my life crazy busy but I am so so happy again. I feel more motivated than I have in months; I am loving taking time to sit down write blog posts, record videos and read blogs again.

This video explains things a little more, I am not one to go on about the ins and outs of life’s ups and downs but when you share so much of your life online you do find yourself needing to address it.

Catching up my blogging friends always leaves me buzzing and itching to get creative again and it wasn’t just down to the prosecco. Chatting and laughing with the girls really is always the best therapy, they leave me feeling inspired and raring to go.

Last year was the year I really focused on youtube this year will be the year of focusing on myself. Creating great content and enjoying what I am doing.

Here’s to four years of blogging and many, many more to come!

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  1. July 11, 2018 / 3:11 pm

    Can you believe we’ve been blogging and supporting each other for over four years?! Time goes so quickly but look at what we’ve all achieved in that time. I’m so pleased that you’ve found your love of blogging again and that this crazy thing we do has given you a new direction in your career. Happy Blogging Birthday Lovely Lady, you rock!!! xxxx

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