Easy Tricks for Keeping Your House Cool this Summer

We are being promised a long, hot summer. Whilst we revel in heat and sunshine most of the time, at night or after a few weeks of heat, we can be itching for a breath of fresh, cool air. Rattan Direct take a look at great ideas for keeping your home cool this summer!

#1 Keep your blinds closed or curtains drawn

It’s a simple tip but you can reduce 30% of the heat pouring into a room from the blazing sun by keeping your blinds or curtains closed, especially at the hottest part of the day. Great for south-facing windows.

#2 Invest in blackout curtains or blinds

With an extra layer of fabric to block out light, these blinds and curtains can also be better at keeping scorching heat out too. Perfect for NOT roasting in the living room in the mid-day sun.

#3 Keep interior doors open

By keeping doors open, any cooling breeze or flow of air can circulate through the home. Shutting them at night can help the flow of air to the upstairs bedrooms, but during the day, shutting off rooms simply stores up heat and stuffiness.

#4 The ‘must-know’ fan hack!

Fill a bowl with cold water and ice and position the bowl in front of the fan. Switch the fan, leaving it in the oscillating position (i.e. so that it passes through a 180°C arc) and enjoy the sudden and welcome blast of a cold breeze.

#5 Swap your sheets…

… to cool cotton, putting away anything that has insulating properties such as fleece. If you can’t sleep without a duvet, invest in a wool duvet and you will never be too hot or cold again.

#6 Invest in a cool-pillow

Some people swear by these products but a chill-pillow is one that is always cool to the touch. Not guaranteed to work but it may be the piece of kit that enables you a good night’s sleep.

#7 Sleep downstairs

Heat rises and so if your bedroom is too hot even with the fan on full blast and light cotton sheets, then pack up your bedding and make your way downstairs. The lounge (or even the basement, if it is suitable) can be much cooler at night.

#8 Set ceiling fans to anti-clockwise

If you have a ceiling fan, make a seasonal adjustment by having it rotate in an anti-clockwise direction. Set on high speed and enjoy the wind-chill breeze it creates.

#9 Focus on body temperature, not house temperature

Stay hydrated, sipping on cold drinks with ice. Layer clothing too. At night, if you feel too hot and bothered, deep your feet into a bowl of cool water to bring your body temperature down a notch or two.

#10 Turn the bathroom and kitchen fans on

Most homes have an extractor fan in the bathroom and if you have an exhaust fan in the kitchen, turn this on too. This will help suck out hot air, contributing to a flow of air through your home.

#11 Let the night air in

Night air tends to be cooler. Maximise the night air in your home by setting up a fan to blast the air through your home. Movement of warm air is better than hot air, sitting stagnant and trapped in your home.

#12 Create a cross-breeze in your home

Place a fan at one window to push the hot air out with a wet sheet hanging over a window to it moistens and cools the air as it comes into your home.

#13 get rid of old lightbulbs…

… and use LED lighting instead because they don’t give off heat every time they are in use. It may be a small change but worth it.

#14 Don’t use the oven!

Instead of using the grill or microwave, cook on the BBQ away from your home at the bottom of the garden so you are not generating heat in your home.

#15 Improve your insulation

Insulation doesn’t just keep heat in, it also forms a protective barrier against heat. Thus, by insulating your home properly, you are also doing a lot to keep it cool too.

Invest in good quality double-glazed doors and windows, as well as cavity and wall insulation. But always remember, when you insulate you need to ensure adequate ventilation too.


These tips come to you from online retailer Rattan Direct, stockists of a large range of stylish rattan furniture for home and garden.


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