Learning To Swim With Annabell

I posted recently about how important it was for me right now to get my girls in the water more and learning to swim. Maisy and Bella really enjoy being in the water they are soon off happily splashing with their little armbands on it’s technique they need to work on but that’s nothing some lessons wont sort.

Lottie on the other hand is a little less enthusiastic in the water, lets not fudge the issue she is just down right clingy. I find a swimming session with the girls consists mainly of me holding Lottie whilst a freeze in the shallow end. It’s not my idea of fun!

We’ve been trying to go regularly and I had seen improvements but she was still a long way off being confident in the water. Then we were sent out the Baby Annabell learns to swim doll in hope it will help Lottie enjoy the water and have just as much fun as her sisters. Lottie loves playing babies at home so I knew that combining her favourite toy with the pool should help those swimming fears.

At first I let her play with Baby Annabell in the bath. This caused much confusion as she kept telling me ‘I am not allowed my babies in the bath’ but she soon realised that this baby was in fact very special as she splashes with her arms and legs when she comes into contact with water! I explained that she just loves the water and we have to make sure to take her with us swimming, Lottie was beyond excited at this idea.

We took Baby Annabell to the swimming baths on a quiet afternoon went the older girls were in school. We started out slowly just kicking our legs from the side and before I knew it Lottie was in of her own accord showing Baby Annabell just how it is done.

We had such a great splash together, she still reached for me if she felt out of her depth but the main thing was she was having fun and enjoying being in the pool. To me swimming is one of those skills all children should learn, my plan is to build up the confidence before Lottie can also go to lesson, she’ll be a pro before we know it!

Baby Annabell Learns To Swim Doll RRP’s at £39.99. It comes with a towel and inflatable water wings, it requires 3xAA batteries and is suitable for ages 3+. We received this doll in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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