Tips for taking great family photo’s

I love photographing my daughters, I mean if you have ever looked at my blog you will know that! I tend to be the one behind the camera rather than in front. I feel like I have come along way since I first found an interest in photography so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I have learnt along the way about capturing photos of the kids.

  1. Snap in the moment – Not all gorgeous photo’s are taken on a big expensive camera, you can get some amazing shots on your everyday devices and they are usually what is to hand when the little ones are being cute. Don’t be afraid to use your tablet or phone to take photos they look so much more natural rather than trying to re-stage once you have the camera out! Nowadays tech on these devices are so good I love the photos I can take with my Acer Iconia One.
  2. Natural light always wins – Always. Get outside, use the sun to your advantage and you will achieve some beautiful shots.

  3. Think about backgrounds – messy back grounds draw the attention away from what you are photographing, it doesn’t mean you need a spotless home just kick it out the way quickly or crop! I couldn’t live without the crop options.
  4. Embrace the funny faces – I know in an ideal world you would have them smiling sweetly or you’d get that candid look but lets face it you put a camera in your kids faces and they instantly pull the strangest of faces! I embrace the funny faces they do actually make some great shots and really capture their crazy little personalities!
  5. Use bursts or sport mode – They move so quickly, to avoid the blurs have tour camera in sport or your tablet set to burst mode. It will help you capture the fails too like this fall! Poor Bella  *disclaimer no children were injured in the capture of this photo* (We did all have a good laugh though!

So those are my tips! Do check out this great post from which shares some more great photography tips and a ton of information about using your tablets and phones to capture those special family moments while you’re away!


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