Solving childcare issues

As a busy, working mum to three over the last year the childcare of my three daughters has become an issue that is on my mind a lot.

I work from home and often have to be available to travel or attend events in the evenings sometimes at quite short notice. With two of my daughters now in full time school it isn’t always the easiest to negotiate around, I find myself limited to the school hours and it really doesn’t give me all that much time to get things done. I have to turn down a fair bit of work and opportunities because of this, it’s so frustrating.
Lottie is in nursery for 3 days a week, I have been tempted to up her hours to four days but deep down I know I would regret not being able to get that quality time with her back when she is in full time school.

So what do I do? I Juggle life like most parents do, I try and keep on top of what the kids have going on, my work commitments and my own social life. We all know it can be tough to keep a healthy balance and being a single parent only throws another spanner into the mix.

I don’t have my parents just down the road for babysitting they help as much as they can as do my friends, so the majority of the time I need to be away over night or traveling all day my ex-partner has his daughters and lately this seems to be causing a strain. An extra night here and there while I earn money to house, feed and clothe the children is seemingly outrageous but hey that’s a whole other blog post.

I need to find an alternative solution if I want my business to thrive and grow while keeping myself sane I need to find someone professional and yet flexible. Many people I have had this discussion with have suggested finding a babysitter but where do you find someone you know you can trust?

That’s where comes in, they can find a babysitter in your local area that are referenced-checked and pre-vetted, have professional childcare experience and are available at competitive rates. You can read reviews, book easily online and personalise exactly what it is you are looking for. I am really impressed with the service they provide and would be more than happy to book and approved babysitter when I need last minute childcare in the future.

It’s hard to put trust in someone else when it comes to the care of your children but using a service like Sitters can really put your mind at rest knowing they’re in good hands, the only problem will be which bedtime story to pick!

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