Muddy Madness at the Bear Trail

Following on from yesterdays fun day exploring all that Ladram bay had to offer, we set off early in search of new (slightly messier) adventure.

We were invited down to The Bear Trail to get stuck in to their muddy obstacle corse. The Bear Trail is designed to bring back to old fashioned types of play that children love, they want to see families out their working together, having a laugh and all embracing the muddy fun!

That is exactly what we did.

The obstacles varied in difficulty, there were a couple Lottie couldn’t really do but on the whole we could all have a go at them.

The girls particularly loved jumping into the watery muddy pits – I did set a challenge before arriving to see who could get the muddiest so I think that’s why!

We were so lucky with the weather it was a gorgeous sunny day but had been recently raining so we had maximum mud to splash about in!

The Bear Trail is a great day out for families it’s the perfect way to have some bonding time, get outside and just have fun. It really was like being a big kid again for the day. Once we had gone round the course a couple of times we were all feeling bit gross and in need of some grub. The showering and changing facilities at The Bear Trail are more of a hose down and chuck on some fresh clothes kind of job but we were expecting that so came prepared with lots of wipes towels and fresh clothes and shoes! After chatting one of the owners they do have big plans for a proper shower block to be built which will be brilliant.

Slightly fresher we had some yummy pizza’s which are cooked freshly in their stone bake oven – delicious, I would definitely recommend having them when you visit!

I made a video of the day which shows you a little better what we all got up to so give that a watch.. If you guys fancy visiting The Bear Trail you can use the code BLOG5 this will give you 5% off online tickets booked during the Summer Holiday Monday – Friday!!






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