Trolls Is here!!


The girls and I were lucky enough to head down to London last weekend to the BFI London Film Festival and have a sneaky peak at the new Trolls film!
The girls have seen the adverts they have seen the merchandise in the shops and had already been banging on about going to see Trolls way before we received the invite so it was perfect when I told them where we were going they were bouncing off the walls.

This was Lottie’s first ever trip to the cinema and not wanting to do things by halves I take her along to a pretty big event in Leicester Square; with trolls walking around, the big old multi coloured carpet to walk down and watching interviews with the creators of the film – next time I take her down the road I think she’ll be slightly disappointed not every cinema trip is quite so extravagant. She lapped it all up!



I was a little unsure how she would be asking a 2 year old to sit still for a couple of hours is a tad optimistic but she absolutely loved it dancing away to every song and just glued to the screen. It is a brilliant family film that had us all bursting with laughter throughout. I don’t want to give the story away but basically Trolls are the most happy of creatures ever known and it all changes when disaster strikes and their leader Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) has to go on a brave adventure to save their way of life.


I am sure if your little ones are like mine Troll fever will be rife so make sure you get down and see the film asap, Trolls will be out in cinemas on the 21st October so just in time for half term check out the trailer below.


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