3 Ways to enjoy Little Yeos

Please tell me I am not the only one who picks up there children every day from school and is met with wails of starvation??

I get it, it’s a long day for them and it’s just so easy to give them a little biscuit or a packet of crisps to keep them going till dinner time but for my girls it just fills them up on junk and then they aren’t interested in a meal I have cooked for them. I’ve just stopped buying it out of sight out of mind but they are still hungry so I have been looking for healthy alternatives to keep them going.

Yeo Valley Little Yeos

I have been working with Yeo Valley to come up with some tasty snacks using there Little Yeos yogurts.
Little Yeos are the perfect snack for children with all natural ingredients, no added refined sugar and made with only British organic milk. As much as my girls are happy to just eat a yogurt I thought it would be fun to serve them up in some different ways.

Yeo Valley little yeos yogurt recipes

Strawberry Milkshake

Blend fresh strawberries, 2 Little Yeos strawberry formage frais and a splash of milk to get a tasty but healthy strawberry milkshake!

Layer it up! 

Top Little Yeos with the children’s favourite fruit, I went for bananas and rasins – just by popping them in a different dish the kids think they have a fancy pud!

Fruity yogurt pops 

Slide some fresh fruit onto a lolly sick or skewer (I used banana and strawberries) coat it in Little Yeos yogurt and pop in the freezer until the yogurt has set. Perfect alternative to an ice lolly.

Yeo Valley little yeos recipes

So there we have three really simple ways to enjoy Little Yeos, the kids can even get involved with the making process on these ones check out the Yeo Valley range which has been made especially for children (https://www.yeovalley.co.uk/things-we-make/for-children)!


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