Items you really need with a baby?

My baby days are behind me, Lottie is a proper little human now but I still get sent messages and asked all the time what my recommendations are for baby products which of course I am more than happy to answer. I have been there and done it 3 times, I like to think over the years I have come to know what we actually need for our babies and what we have just for the sake of having it or because the advert on TV told us we needed it.

Firstly of corse the essentials like clothing, nappies (cloth or disposable), feeding things (bottle or boobs lets not start that debate) go with out saying.
I am talking about those bigger items do you need a bouncing chair with 17 settings that vibrates, swings and does the loop to loop – no probably not. The list can go on and on with things you ‘need’ these are the things I would suggest taking your time on, really researching and getting just right.

  1. Car seats – there are reports and research going on all the time to blow are minds about car seat safety, forward facing/rear facing it is a mind field but it is worth reading about there is strong evidence to show a rear facing car seat is much safer even for toddlers. Things to look for; age and weight, making sure it is compatible with your push chair – will need extra adapters?, how to install into the car – many car seats are installed incorrectly, if in doubt ask an advisor.
  2. A cot/cot bed – do you need a swinging crib draped in pretty netting? Sure it will look nice but if your children are anything like mine it will sit collecting dust. None of my girls slept in there own bed until at least 4 months old by which time it was straight into a cot as they had out gown there basket. 2 moses baskets and 1 crib I purchased and all got given away in a basically new condition, I’d be more inclined to look at a decent cot or cot bed and a nice swaddle for when they are little and needing to feel all snug.
  3. A high chair – a friend of mine once asked me do I need a high chair, it’s so big, can’t they just sit on your lap or in their little bouncy chair. Do they need a high chair? Yes the bloody do weaning is a terrible messy stage if you want your clothes/carpet/walls/everything covered in god knows what, put them in a high chair on a wipeable surface out or reach of walls and supervise from a distance. No but really it is so much easier to have them in one place when they are being messy crazy eaters, highchairs can be really bulky and an eye sore look for one that folds down slim so can be put away when needed, look for one that can also sit up to the table with you its nice for little ones to be able to join you at the table as they get older and lastly make sure it has detachable padding or removable liners you will thank me later.

These are the main products I have been asked about so thought I would share my thoughts out loud!
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  1. October 22, 2016 / 8:40 am

    Sometimes when I hear “you need this” I think, but why? haha. I just went with the flow during both of my pregnancies and picked anything up which seemed relevant to buy. Yes of course moses basket, car seat, nappies etc are essentials. But it’s things like fancy bouncing chairs and those beautiful baby blankets. I guess I’m pretty old fashioned and just focus on essentials. Anything which gets bought for baby by family is a bonus! Good post xx

    • Amy
      October 28, 2016 / 11:00 am

      so true x

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