The Summer Holidays Are Near

This morning I did our last frantic Monday morning school run for 7 weeks!

Maisy’s school is breaking up a little early this year giving us slightly longer at home together and I have to say I can’t wait – 7 weeks sounds like a lot of time to fill but we have so so much going on in the coming weeks I am just so excited!

From Camp Bestival to a trip to the gorgeous Tregenna Castle in St.Ives we are going to be busy little bees and I know it is exactly what we all need. Don’t get me wrong when they are at school and nursery I get to go to the gym and spend time getting work done but the weeks just seem to pass by in a blur of school runs. Having joint custody with the girls dad also means the weekends are split between us and it never seems to be enough time to actually do anything!

Bella will be off to reception in September too so I want this summer to be really special for us making lots of memories before they all seem to have flown the nest! keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine please.


When I think back to this time last year I was so nervous about Maisy going off to school and I really needn’t of been she has done so amazingly well, settled in instantly and made so many friends. I am over the moon with the school report we received last week,  her teacher speaks so highly of her it actually makes me feel like I could burst with pride. This year I don’t feel nervous about her heading into year one, Maisy’s excited – we’ve met her teacher and she’s given me the grand tour of her new big girls class room.

She has said she will miss her teacher next year but we have gotten her a little gift to say thank-you and Maisy helped me make her a card with Postsnap. She loved putting her picture on the card and making it extra special, it’s a really easy app to use so if you are looking for a last minute card for your children’s teacher I would recommend. Having a personal touch just adds a little something to a nice gift to show your appreciation.

How are you feeling about your little ones moving up a year or even starting there school journey?


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