My Girls: October

My Girls: October

I love writing my monthly updated on the girls, it’s so lovely to look back through the months this month I’m running a little late – make that two weeks any way this is my girls in October!

my girls oct FI


Maisy (4 years 10 months)

School has been going really well for Maisy this month, every day she comes home with something new to tell me or a new friend she has made which is lovely. By half term she was good and ready for a little break though it is so tiering for them (and me if I’m honest) but were back to normal now and she’s loving it again.

Party planning is now in full swing, December will see my big girl turn 5 years old!!!!! WHAT.

She loves hand writing and drawing and is always writing me books at the moment thats we can read at bed time. It’s so cute!maisy 4 years 10 months

Bella (3 years 9 months)

Bella has spent the last month more or less parading around in her spiderman wellies, she’s obsessed with them!

She’s a little giggle bum and is always laughing about something. She’s such a happy little girl.

She’s always been independent but that independence is growing more and more she will go off and explore by her self and Nursery have said her confidence is really improving now.

She even braved trick or treating this halloween. Last year minor incident which involved Bella being scared by a witch and falling in a bush. I really thought there would be no chance this year but she proved me wrong!

bellas 3 years 9 months


Lottie (20 months)

Lottie has always been my little baby, everyone still fusses over her like she’s still teeny, but she really isn’t that little baby any more. She’s a little toddler now who is even more mischievous than her sisters.

If she hears them ask me for something drink, snack etc she bolts into the room shouting ‘me too! me too!’ she doesn’t even know what she’s actually asking for but won’t be left out of anything.

She has also learnt how to escape her high chair – not good. This means I can’t leave her for even a minute or she’ll be out and then runs off shouting ‘na na na na na’. Smarty pants.

lottie 20 months



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  1. November 4, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    Wow they have grown! So glad Maisy is doing well at school – bless her. How big and clever. Bella is beautiful and Lottie has grown up so much!! Love that smile. Gorgeous girls Amy xx

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