Top toddler buys

Top toddler buys

The other day I posted my top baby buys. Today I’m going to share with you my top toddler products, little bits I have found to make life with toddlers just a little easier.

  • tangle teaser, One of the worst things with my girls crazy curly hair is trying to get it brushed and looking like the haven’t just been dragged through a bush. I brought this hair brush for myself and it has since become the kids these make brushing there hair so much easier, don’t get me wrong they still scream in protest but it makes it a lot quicker!

  • Oral-B stages toothpaste What better way to encourage children to brush their little toothy pegs than giving them Disney princess tooth paste which comes out bright pink and taste of bubble gum, it turns it into more of a treat than a chore. They have a ton of different Disney characters as well, not everyone is as pink and princess mad as my girls but you are bound to find one they’ll like.  

  • johnson’s easy rinse foam shampoo I’ve tried lots of different shampoos on the girls over the years but this is now my favourite, the kids love that is foamy, pink and smells great, it doesn’t irate their sensitive skin, it doesn’t drip when its in there hair and the little bottle seems to last for ages yeah just love this stuff.
  • Nivea kids sun screen  my children were unlucky to inherit my very fair skin so with the lovely weather we’ve been having recently the kids need to be creamed up to the max I’ve been loving this cream for them. Its coloured so makes it so much more interesting to kids, factor 50 so no burning and delicate on their skin.

So there are the products that I’m finding great for my toddlers at the moment if you have any suggestions let me know we’re always trying out new things.  

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