Poorly me

This last few days have been actually awful, I’ve had a a terrible bowt of tonsillitis and with 2 lively toddlers and a baby this is my worst nightmare. I felt helpless I spent the first day adamant it would be gone by the next day in between popping paracetamol curled on sofa and crying over how pathetic I felt. Luckily I had my other half to look after me and the children. By day 2 after being up half the night in agony and still having a raging temperature that would not go down I headed to the docs and after a 45 min wait she confirmed I had tonsillitis and sent me off with antibiotics and enough painkillers to last me a year. 

Over the next couple of days I was still a pathetic mess unable to move off the sofa or from bed I couldn’t eat I survived 4 days on Ice and the odd bowl of cherrios. Luckily my other halfs family all live close by and could have the two older girls when he was at work I really don’t no how else I would of managed. 
This may all sound very dramatic but this to me was way worse than labour and giving birth, I am not exsagerating! 
So now I’m feeling almost all better still needing pain killers but can function I look at this house and my god! It has been very um neglected my man is definitely not very domesticated and my lovely bella has redecorated with a crayon yay! So today is to be spent trying to catch up on everything. But first must celebrate that I can eat again with half a pack of buscuits and a cup of tea watching Lorraine in my pjs.
What? I’m allowed, I’m ill!

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