Library Visit

Library Visit

We love going to our local library in this house, we tend to go every Tuesday afternoon on the way back from picking Maisy up from nursery.
When people think library they think just reading a couple of books and then heading home but my library (Hamworthy, Poole) is excellent for children it has a big kids section loads of bean bags and bits for them to jump about on, a dressing up section so they can really get into story time dressing up as their favourite characters, puzzles, colouring and its all brightly coloured even the book cases are actually tunnels with mirrors and little peep holes inside. They have so much fun when ever we go here today was no exception they have a little closed in garden going out from the kids section with lots of ride on’s and hoppers, so the girls were in and out playing outside and then coming for a quick story or a drink.
Having all this to do really gets them into reading they love choosing the books the want and then taking them home to read usually one after the other as soon as we get through the door!

A very scary vampire
Police officer Bella wearing a costume
more suited to a 7 year old

This week we found some great books, here is what we chose;

Peace at last by Jill Murphy
When I spotted this book I was rushed straight back to my own child hood where this is one of the book I remember being read to me most bed times. The girls loved reading this book especially when I told them it had been one of my favourites.

Princess smarty pants by Babette Cole
This book caught my eldest daughters eye straight away more or less because it was pink. Its about a princess who does not want to get married, a bit of a fairy tale with a twist. The kids found it hilarious I’ve already had to read this one twice.

Mrs Pepperpot learns to swim by Alf Proysen & Hilda Offen
The Mrs Pepperpot series are about Mrs Pepperpot who has a habit of shrinking and gets her self in all sorts of situations. The kids enjoy these books we’ve read a few before others before.

Princess milly’s mixed up magic by Clemency Pearce and Lauren Beard
Again this was spotted by my girlie girl Maisy for the fact it was pink and in her words the lady has a teerara (tiara). We’ve not read this one yet, but it is the ultimate girly girl book it has castles, princesses a unicorn the lot. Maisy is going to love it.

Busy Day by Sally Grindley
This book I spotted for Bella as its all about different vehicles an there colours, we’re working on perfecting her colours a lot at the moment and the pictures in this book are so vibrant its great for that.

Mr Large in charge by Jill Murphy
And lastly this was our bed time story this evening, I do love the large book I feel like there telling the story of my life. In this book Mrs Large is feeling a little rough so Mr large steps in and takes charge .. well tries. Most parents will be able to relate to this.

So there we have it these are the library books we will be reading this week. We love reading so any suggestions of great children’s book are more than welcome.


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  1. July 2, 2014 / 8:43 am

    Love this post – thank you for joining in! We have two of your choices on our shelves at home – Mrs Pepperpot learns to swim, and Mr Large in charge! Both were favourites of my own when I was little, and what are children for if not reliving your youth! I love how much your library have invested in making it a child-friendly place and encouraging children to enjoy themselves there – great idea, I wish more libraries were so child focussed!

    • July 2, 2014 / 10:51 am

      Thanks yeah it really is great for the kids there

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