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As a family we all love to read. I love reading myself although a lot of is seems to be online now reading an actual book is like a big treat! The girls love me reading to them at bedtimes or any times when they like to whined down a little. As Maisy and Bella are getting older more and more they are the ones who like to do the reading, Maisy’s getting really good at reading now and Bella is picking up letters and words from her big sister. I love seeing them sounding out words together, I kind…

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Our 5 favourite Bedtime Stories

I love reading with my girls I have done every evening since Maisy was just a few months old, we have a huge box filled with all sorts of stories but the girls definitely have their favourites. The ones we all know off by heart but seem to come back to over and over again I introduce new books to them regularly and we also visit the library and borrow some but these are our current favourites:  Giraffes can’t dance – The big bright illustrations are great in this book, the girl’s all love this story and have done for a…

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Library Visit

We love going to our local library in this house, we tend to go every Tuesday afternoon on the way back from picking Maisy up from nursery. When people think library they think just reading a couple of books and then heading home but my library (Hamworthy, Poole) is excellent for children it has a big kids section loads of bean bags and bits for them to jump about on, a dressing up section so they can really get into story time dressing up as their favourite characters, puzzles, colouring and its all brightly coloured even the book cases are actually tunnels…

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