Monthly Bucket List – June

I am back again with another monthly bucket list linking up with Beth at Twinderelmo, you can read last month’s list here so how did I get on? Joining the gym … I did it, I did it!!! So happy I joined, next point was to actually go to the gym ummm FAIL but I have my membership I’m half way it’s been a busy month! Got my little kitty so happy with her even if she spends most evenings pouncing on me she is a little cutie. We’ve also made progress on the garden, it’s getting there it’s not the best space…

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It’s here – December has arrived now all the scrooges out there can stop whining about everyone being excited already about christmas an join in as well – we know you love it secretly too.December is a mad month for everyone for some reason this year December seems slightly more mental than usual for us starting with:  Visiting Santa; I am very hopeful that this year the children will not break down hysterically and refuse to have their picture taken with the big man. They are at an age where they actually understand father christmas = presents so with that…

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Half term list

Half term has started Maisy and Bella had their last day at nursery today and now have 10 days off! They were both a little sad to not be going in next week so this afternoon we made a half term list of all the fun things they’d like to do next week.  Here’s what they came up with: Can you tell my kids like glitter!?  Carve a pumpkin – I have never had a go as anything more adventurous than the a face so this time we’re going to go for it watch this space! Make Halloween cakes – there is a…

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