Elsie at 10 Months – She’s On The Move

Elsie is 10 months!

And she’s officially on the move. As you can imagine life has gone from being 7/10 crazy (maybe 6/10 on a good day) to 9.9/10 mental. I thought I did a lot during that day before but now my feet barely touch the ground.

I must admit I had completely forgotten how intense life is with a crawling baby. She is so quick and so mischievous! But it’s not all bad that happy little face as she comes charging towards me is just gorgeous.

I don’t think it’ll be long until she’s chasing us around on her feet to be honest she’s pulling herself up and wanting to stand all the time.

In other Elsie related news she recently attended her first wedding! My best friend got married and we had the best day EVER. Elsie was up dancing until 10pm and loved all the attention she was getting! She was so good, as a baby born during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic I have always worried about how social she will be. It’s only ever been us really but she’s actually amazed with new people, I am hoping its not just a phase as it’s so much easier when they’re not to clingy.

Elsie also now has her first tooth, finally! It feels like she’s been teething on and off for months now but we finally have the first one. Although not at the bottom as you would usually expect it’s actually at the top on the left and I only discovered it when she accidentally bit me one day!

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but it’s also come time to start thinking about this little one first birthday! Such a huge milestone, Elsie is my first summer baby so I am excited to finally be able to have a bbq and maybe even a little bouncy castle for the occasion, we know that now I have said that it’s going to 100% rain but lets keep our fingers crossed.

That’s all for my little Elsie update for now!


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