Our Breast Feeding Journey

Elsie is now 8 months old and I can officially say; our breast feeding journey has now come to an end.

If you’d of told me this a few months ago I wouldn’t of believed it. I would have been so upset at the thought of no longer feeding my little baby but now as I sit here typing away I am so happy and content with our journey and where we are now.

I am a huge advocate for breast feeding – if that’s what you want to do. I have done both bottle feeding and breast feeding over the last 10 years and it all comes down to what is best for mum and baby so this is in no way a ‘you must breast feed’ post.

This is just to share our experience and some tips I think may help out new mums in their own journey.

Elsie’s breast feeding journey started when she was around 20 minutes old, she latched straight on during our skin to skin after birth and more or less stayed there for the next few weeks.

My first breast feeding tip is to manage expectations.

Breast feeding is tough! Babies feed ALOT during those first few weeks and it’s completely normal. I remember with my older daughters thinking ‘this cant be normal’ and ‘I must not be producing enough milk’. I didn’t get a great deal of support so with these thoughts going around my head and worrying about their weight gain I introduced a bottle early on, which in turn messed up my milk production and I quickly turned to fully bottle feeding.

I have since then learnt so much about the way our bodies work and produce milk, I understand that they need to feed a lot to tell your body to produce that milk and it does start to even out after a couple of weeks.

Ask for help

My next piece of advice is to ask for help when you need it. Even though Elsie was my forth baby I still needed some help, and thats because all babies are so different. There is so much support out there whether its baby no.1 or baby no.10.

Take care of yourself

Probably the most important tip of all. Do  not neglect yourself while you’re breast feeding. It is very easy to be stuck under a baby all day and not feed yourself but we need to sometimes put ourselves first, because an exhausted, dehydrated, under fed mumma is good for no one!

I would really recommend doing three things:

  1. Getting some snacks and a huge glass of water at the ready every time you feed.
  2.  Over cooking at meal times so you have back ups for lunches.
  3. Taking a supplement. I took Feel Pregnancy throughout both pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s a 100% clean formula that provides all the supportive vitamins and minerals needed. It’s vegan approved, plastic free and available as a subscription so super easy to order and wait for it to arrive each month! It’s a great all in one supplement that just gives a real boost to overall health and energy levels. They have a FREE trial available right now so click the link above to find out more.

Listen to your body

So how did I know it was the right time to stop feeding? I listened to my body and I went with the flow. I knew I wanted to start introducing a bottle at around 6 months to allow others to feed Elsie and me a little ‘free time’. She was having none of it so we continued with feeding for a few more weeks until I got an infection, I was in agony, I was exhausted and generally a bit ‘over it’.

It was the right time for us both so when I introduced the bottle again Elsie went for it! We gradually phased out the feeds for bottles in the day and it was actually so lovely to see her sister’s and dad being able to feed her too.

Night time was a little different but it was more of a comfort thing, I had a couple of tough nights where I didn’t feed and just comforted her with lots of cuddles and her dummy then on night number 3 she slept right through from 7pm-7am. I couldn’t believe it, as I walked in to my happy smiley little baby I knew it was 100% the right time for us to make that change Elsie is so content and so am I!

I loved feeding Elsie and I am so proud that we made it through those tough times in the early days. I am also super proud that I listened to my body and made a decision that was right for us both to stop at 8 months.

Yes I will miss being the one Elsie really needs but now were into the next chapter, one that hopefully has a little more sleep, and I love it!

This post has been sponsored by WeAreFeel, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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