Making The Most Of A Summer At Home

I think we can all agree this last year has not gone the way in which we planned. Since last March I have felt some what ‘on hold’. Never quite feeling confident enough to make plans months ahead. We’ve missed out on holidays, days out, parties, family events and while at the time it feels like the worst thing. In the grand scheme of things we are so lucky to just have our health and happiness.

After yet another booked, cancelled and (thankfully) refunded holiday has just gone by we have taken the decision to hold off booking anymore trips and just make the most of a summer at home. We are very lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the country.

Ideas for making the most of a summer at home

  1. Getting the garden perfect! We’ve been busy getting the garden ready for lots of barbecues and playing. As our house is a new build its a real blank canvas so we’ve built a decked area so far and have some new furniture on the way. I want to make it like an outside lounge area, perfect for family time, having friends over and just making the most of being at home. The plan is to get it all done before the month is out!
  2. Hitting the beach; as I mentioned we are very blessed to have some gorgeous white sands just a short drive from us, however in the summer they are absolutely heaving. This year we will be making the most of the beaches that we can walk to they may not be the white sands of sandbanks but they’re still just as much fun.
  3. Lots of bike rides; we love getting up and getting out before it’s too hot for a walk/ride. This year will be no different the girls love packing up some food and having a ride to find a new park or picnic spot! Lottie needs some new wheels so were currently researching lots of bikes to find the perfect one!
  4. Exploring new places; it wasn’t until lockdown 1 that we really realised what was on our door step. We found places that are walking distance from our house that we never knew existed. It was such an eye opener, and we love it! my goal through the summer is to find one new park/picnic spot/beauty spot every week locally. I will share our favourite finds on here!

It’s not the summer we had planned but it will still be special in it’s only little way. With a bit of luck 2022 we will be back to normal and all the trips and holidays can resume.


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