Working from home with kids

When you become a mother, that is not the end of your career. Whether your child is 11 months or 11 years old, you might want to choose to work from home while being a parent. This allows you the flexibility to attend any school plays, meetings, or other events alongside your child, as well as to help you free up any school holidays. Working around your parenting commitments can also be good if childcare costs are a concern, or simply not feasible.

There are many types of roles available for mums who want to work from home, and these don’t always require a college qualification or university degree. Some things that you can get paid for when working from home, and even generate an income from, might surprise you.

Freelance Writing

While you may not have aspirations of being the next Rowling or Tolkien, you can still get paid for writing. Many companies want articles and prose relating to their area of business, as well as guides that can be downloaded from company websites. You can set a standard fee per article, or charge per hundred, five hundred, or thousand words. As long as you have access to a computer, the internet, and word processing software, as well as a means of invoicing for freelancers, then this could be one opportunity available to you.

Customer Services

Customer service agents do not always need to work from a designated call centre. It is possible to find some roles that you can undertake from your home, using your own laptop and internet connection. You may need to initially undergo training and have meetings with managers via video calling, but otherwise, you will simply need to carry out your role. Investing in a good headset that will allow you to both hear what the customers are saying, as well as to be heard by those you are speaking to is something you should consider in this role – your employer may even supply this for you. Dependant on the job, a decent webcam and video conferencing might also be required.

Web Developer

If you have a background or experience in Java, PHP, WordPress, or other web developing software, you can start your own business from home. Working as a self-employed web developer will give you the freedom to create code for others, and meet deadlines, while still choosing when to work and which projects to take. This is also something that you can pick up and put down. When building a website from scratch, it may not be necessary to work within a defined set of hours, meaning if you’re awake feeding the baby at 2am, for example, you could create some more code if you felt like it!

Being a parent does not mean that you have to give up on any career dreams or goals that you have. Instead, you might need to alter these to fit in with your life, or try out some different ideas until you find one that you enjoy, that fits in with your family and still enables you to make ends meet.


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