A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

Breast feeding your newborn is tough. Although it’s the most natural thing in the world it is not easy going on us mums. I am on baby number 4 and with each baby I feel like I have learnt more to make the feeding experience easier and therefore more successful and enjoyable for us both.
There are so many things I think ‘I wish I knew about this with Maisy or Bella’ so today I thought I would share my must haves and some little tips that have made breast feeding easier for me.

  1. A good nipple balm will be your best friend. Forget the if you have a good latch you wont have any pain, it’s rubbish. Your breasts still need to adapt to feeding a human they get sore in the beginning even if your latch is absolutely perfect. Finding a good nipple balm is essential; my favourite is the Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm it’s super soothing, safe for baby so no need to remove before feeding and free of additives, preservatives, petroleum and parabens!
  2. A XL water bottle. The thirst you feel particularly in the first couple of weeks of feeding is like none other. I was drinking litres and litres so invest in a good water bottle. One with a straw you can drink lying down is the best just incase you find yourself trapped under a sleepy newborn.
  3. Which brings me on to snacks as well as being insanely thirsty you’ll also find your self starving. ALL THE TIME. Either keep a good stash of healthy snacks to hand or keep someone on hand to fetch you snacks. Either works well.
  4. Good feeding bras. They needn’t cost the earth, I got mine from H&M I also bought a bunch of wireless soft crop bras from Primark they’re really cheap and great for at home and using in the night! Anything you can do to make feeding less of a faff is great.
  5. A hands free breast pump; I love using the Elvie breast pump it’s so clever and allows for discreet hands free expressing when ever! I never managed to express when I was feeding Lottie – it just didn’t work for me. The Elvie works so well though I can’t recommend enough.
  6. A Feeding pillow, comfort is key. The first few days of breast feeding your newborn is all about finding the best position to feed in – a pillow just gives you more choices and allows you to get comfy. You don’t even need a fancy pillow, I use a regular pillow but it is ‘my feeding pillow’.

Those are my breast feeding must haves. If you are currently in those early days where you just don’t know how people do this and wanting to quit just remember we have all had those moments – it really is tough! But you’re doing a great job and a happy mum is a happy baby so do what is right for you and your family and when in doubt seek help from either your midwife or health visitors. Trust me when I say it gets so much easier!


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