5 Ways to Revamp Unloved Spaces

Every home has that one particular space that hasn’t been looked after, kept clean or updated for far too long.

There is no shame in having this room in your house, as life and work tend to get in the way of making every single one of your spaces as perfect as they could be. When you have the chance, revamping this unloved space will no doubt be a priority and the following five ways to do so should be at the top of your list of considered options.

Clear out the clutter

To begin with, any unloved space is instantly improved simply by clearing out the clutter that has accumulated while you have been busy with the rest of your life. This will allow you to see the room better and assess its potential for any refurbishing or redecorating, while also opening it up for immediate use.

Rooms that have been left untouched in this manner may begin to smell, so clearing them out should make the source become apparent. Damp smells can be eradicated by a number of methods and should disappear relatively quickly unless the issue is structural.

Complete a conversion

Once a room has been cleared out and cleaned, a vision for how it could be converted into a loved and used space can be formed.

A key area of your home that is often left unloved is the loft. Not only do loft conversions look fantastic and open up a new, usable room in your home, but they also add value to the property – making them a wonderful long-term investment. When completed on time and on budget, loft conversions can be a stress-free way of creating more space in your home and revamping unloved spaces.

Simple repainting

Whether it is a space you have converted before or a room that hasn’t been touched for years, sometimes a simple repainting job is what’s needed to tide it over until you can get around to properly revamping it.

Any room should be painted the colour you fancy, but it is useful to stay on top of the UK’s colour trends, too. Green is set to be the most popular colour of 2020, thought to be chosen for how it connects inhabitants with nature in a busy, technology-driven world.

Auction room purchases

Furnishing an unloved space can feel like a daunting task. Not only must you source the furniture, but you must stump up the funds to buy it, too. However, there is a relatively simple solution to this issue.

Auction rooms are the home of the furniture bargain, and can be your one-stop shop for cheap, fashionable buys. Auctions can be followed, and bids can be placed online from the comfort of your home – all you have to do is pick up the lots you win.

Fill it with fun

Finally, a simple tip for revamping unloved spaces is to fill them with fun.

Converting rooms into cinemas, picking up a table tennis table from a charity shop or having a designated space for games consoles repurposes a room, while also ensuring it will be used in the future and encouraging you to keep it clean and modern.


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