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When I started writing Everything Mummy back in June 2014 I never imagined that after a year I would be calling this my actual job, it sometime feels like a little bit of a dream. I’ve found something that I love doing and it actually also pays the bills! Something which just started up as a fun hobby to keep my mummy brain ticking over has turned into more than I could have ever hoped for. Not to mention the flexibility I have working from home also. Working from home has it’s pros and cons with the kids still being young I love that it allows me to still do the school and nursery runs, I can still go have fun with the children at playgroup, soft play, swimming lessons etc. That was always something I hated the thought of when I had contemplated going back to work previously – missing out.

There are also some draw back from working for your self, one thing I struggle with at times is time management I get caught up in the things I want to do with the kids and then end up burning the midnight oil to reach deadlines on time! It’s also important not to go completely the other way and make sure you schedule time off for your self, nights where you just say sod it and have a long hot bath instead!

Another drawback is the things I need as a blogger to be able to work Dell put together a fun infographic showing all the devices that the average worker now carries around with them each and every day and how we can consolidate it down with one tablet. I can completely agree as I am  number one: terrible for losing things and number two I hate carrying around masses of things with me when I leave the house but still need to get some bits done. Having just one hand bag sized essential device that will take care of it all is the perfect solution saving time looking for the right item.

OneDeviceToDoItAllDellBlue (turtle)

Despite the cons blogging and working from home is still the perfect job for me and I am so glad I started!

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