One Month Of Elsie

I can’t quite believe I am typing this but  Elsie is now a whole 1 month old!

To think this time a matter of only weeks ago I was actually still pregnant – you can read my full birth story here. I think I have just about recovered from the shock of that quick birth now!

I haven’t really done any Elise updates over here just yet, life’s just been a little crazy as I am sure you can imagine. I do regular little updates over on my Instagram though if you want to keep up make sure you are following over there.

So a quick update; Elsie is doing amazing!

She’s been putting on weight like a little tropper, even at her day 5 weigh in which sees most babies loose weight – Elsie had put on 3oz. All those night time feeds were doing her the world of good it seems. Her latest checkup, just over a week ago now, she was up to 8lb 14oz so a fantastic weight gain.
I am still breastfeeding so it is really reassuring to see a good weight gain.
I think all mums worry a little when breastfeeding as baby can be feeding 247 at times, so it’s great to hear they’re gaining decent weight.
She’s also grown so much, the newborn sized baby grows that her feet couldn’t reach the ends in are now a little snug – we’re firmly in to the 0-3 month wardrobe eeek!

One thing that hasn’t really changed too much in the last month is Elsie’s dislike of sleeping at night.. she’s not a fan to say the least but I live in hope that this wont last forever. We do have some nights that are better than others and I have definitely noticed the evenings she has a nice warm bath and baby massage she seems to settle and have a good 3/4 hour stretch of sleep in the evening. I use the Little Aurelia top to toe wash and massage oil, not only does it smell incredible but the delicate blend of sulphate free ingredients are gentle on her little skin. I received the mother and baby collection to review and I love the products for me too they’re amazing – great new mum gift set for anyone looking for a baby shower gift!

The girls have adapted so well to life with a baby in the house. I knew they would be great with her and love her to bits but I was a little worried they would struggle with me not being able to just drop what I was doing and see to them. However as my pregnancy was so tough on me I actually feel like they’re getting more of me as I have so much more energy! They’re so helpful whether it’s grabbing me a muslin/change of clothes or a nappy or just bouncing Elsie in her chair so I can cook dinner if she’s having a ‘moment’. They love being able to help, even Elise’s crying doesn’t seem to bother them too much.

While life with a newborn is of corse not without it’s challenges I have truly loved this last few weeks, it’s going so fast I wish we could press pause and just soak it all up for even longer.

To top it all off Elsie has even started giving us some beautiful smiles this last few days.

What a month it’s been I love watching this little girl grow! 


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