My Birth Story

31/08/2020 – 23:38 -The moment my beautiful baby girl Elsie came into the world.

This is my birth story.

The day before Elsie was born I went into the hospital for a general check up. The midwife I saw wasn’t 100% happy with babies heart rate as it kept spiking when I was having tightenings. I was put on the monitor for half an hour to get a proper trace and the doctor came to see me.

While the trace looked fine as I was over 40 weeks she explained that at this point they would like to look to book induction to be on the safe side.

It was all very surreal; going from a routine appointment to ‘we want this baby to be born in the next 48 hours.’

With the current covid-19 restrictions I was at this appointment alone so it felt horrible to be making this huge scary decision all by myself. It was the first time during my pregnancy I really felt alone and ached to have my partner with me. Of corse he was just a phone call away, so we talked it all through and with the girls due to go back to school in just over a weeks time I opted to have a sweep and be booked in the next day for an induction if nothing happened overnight.

My sweep was what the midwives would call ‘successful’ I was around 1-2cm dilated and although not in labour the regular tightenings I was having were apparently doing something and my body was getting ready for labour.

The rest of the day was a little bit of a blur. I made plans for the girls for the next day, unpacked and repacked my hospital bags (with induction I’d likely be in hospital longer so I needed more comfy clothes, extra snacks and some things to entertain myself with while waiting), organised the house and just generally tried to stay calm.

The next morning came around and as labour hadn’t started overnight I called the antenatal ward and was told to come down at 12pm. Longest morning EVER.

Saying goodbye to the girls was strangely really emotional, after months of excitement and counting down the days they knew I was going to have the baby and all couldn’t wait to meet her but it’s hard for young children to comprehend what that means. Lottie was really tearful when I left her and it sent me into a blubbering mess. James took them to McDonald’s as a treat after dropping me off so she was happy within a few minutes.

So from there I was shown to my cubical on the antenatal ward. A midwife came to see me and talk me through the process of induction. As this isn’t my first baby induction would begin with a balloon being placed inside the cervix for 24 hours, this is filled with water and the idea is the weight of it gets your cervix ready and once you’re 2-3cm dilated you go to the delivery suite and waters can be broken.

Upon examination she realised I’m already 2-3cm’s (the sweep from the day before had done something!) so we could skip the balloon and I could have my waters broken straight away yippeee!

It was just now a case of waiting for a room and midwife to be free on the delivery suite I was pre warned it was mega busy so get comfy and get ready for a long wait.

At around 7pm I had watched all the netflix I could and eaten as much hospital food as I could stomach. The midwife said it was still super busy so recommended maybe getting my partner to come down and go for a walk, it was a nice evening so we did just that. We went to a nearby park and as we were doing a loop of a huge lake my phone started blowing up.

It turns out the midwife that told me to go for a walk had finished her shift and the new midwife was searching for me as it was time to go and have a baby!

We legged it back to the car, l was literally running through the park at 40 weeks pregnant trying to work out why these sorts of things only happen to me.

As soon as we got back (my partner could now join me in the hospital as we were on the delivery suite) it was time to get things started. We moved to our new room which would be the place our baby is born I got our bits all organised and before the midwife could even introduce herself to us properly my contractions started.

Turns out running through a park like a lunatic will send you into labour – who knew.

We had some more monitoring to check baby was happy and then my waters were broken.

.. Thats when things got interesting.

Contractions went from 0-100 in minutes.

I went for a quick shower and by the time I was finished, I was dragging myself out of the bathroom looking for gas and air. My contractions were so intense and lasting so long. I had one particularly long contraction which felt like 3 in 1. The midwife assured me you only usually have 1 like that in a whole labour – well after 4 more of the same I asked/begged for some pethidine.

My midwife didn’t think she would have time to get it but I insisted I needed it. Well I actually insisted I wanted a c-section right there but she said that wouldn’t be possible, I even tried to convince James but neither of them were willing.

Around 20 minutes later and I had the feeling I needed to push. Baby girl was coming but it was all too quick. My body hadn’t had chance to catch up with the contractions and I started loosing a lot of blood. The baby’s heart rate started dropping and all of a sudden alarms were ringing, lights were turning on and the room filled up with people I hadn’t seen before.

I didn’t really have a clue what was going on, it was terrifying knowing something is wrong but not knowing what. Between James and the midwife keeping me calm I listened to them telling me the baby needed to be born now and with 3 pushes my baby girl came into the world. She was a little stunned (as was everyone I think) so it took her a minute or two to start crying but then she did and my little girl was placed onto my chest. I just remember her big blue eyes staring up at me. I felt like I could burst with love, adrenaline was pumping through me and I felt amazing. It’s quite incredible to go from being in indescribable levels of pain to feeling on top of the world.

Baby Elsie was here she was safe in my arms and that’s all that mattered. To think a few hours earlier we had been running around a park and now our baby girl was with us.

I had around an hour of skin to skin while the midwife did the checks they have to do, deliver the placenta etc. Elsie had her first feed – always amazes me how babies know exactly what to do as soon as they’re born. We had a cuppa and some toast, as I said I felt great so once baby girl had been weighed, her daddy got her dressed and had his cuddles whilst I went for a shower and got into some fresh clothes. It was about 2am at this point but there was no chance of me sleeping, we were left to it for a little while and at about half 4 we were discharged – home before the sun came up.

By 5am we were sat in our living room with our new baby a little bit shell shocked but delighted.


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