On The Beach..

I think we can all agree January so far has been dark and dismal. I’ve been leaving for work in the dark and driving home in the dark.

The sunshine this weekend was so welcome, despite it being freezing we headed straight to the beach.

Before we knew it the sun started setting but it didn’t mean home time for us. We spent a good couple of hours scooting,(walking in my case) running down to the sea, finding shells and building castles.

I almost love a winters walk on the beach as much as I love a hot summers day at the beach (almost).

Once noses were red and Bella’s toes were cold from paddling in trainers (you can’t tell these kids anything), we headed back home in search of hot chocolates and a film under blankets.

It was just what we needed after far too many evenings being cooped up indoors, the fresh sea breeze was incredible.

Naturally I am now in beach mode and will sit here patiently waiting for summer to arrive so we can make the most of this gorgeous stretch of sand on our door step!


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