Maisy turns 9! Throwing a slime party

Last week my eldest daughter turned 9 years old. NINE!

I know we all say this, but where has that time gone. To think this time nearly 10 years ago I was about to get my first positive pregnancy test and my life was going to change forever..

Maisy’s birthday didn’t got 100% to plan unfortunately on her actual birthday she was so poorly. She had picked up some kind of 24 bug which luckily wasn’t spread to the rest of the house but it did make for one miserable little birthday girl.

The only silver lining was that we had actually thrown her a birthday party the weekend before when she was still perfectly healthy. We had a fab party; Maisy wanted her friends over to the house so I decided we would go for a slime making party. Brave I know. It was actually super easy, relatively inexpensive and went down so well with all the girls. I wanted to share how I did it.

I popped into WH Smiths for the slime making supplies the simple recipe I used contained just three ingredients;


150ml Clear Glue
60ml Elmers magic liquid
Glitter of your choice  (more the better in my book!)

Yep literally as simple as that! 

I also picked up some large plastic containers from ASDA which were £1 for 4 and some stickers so they could all decorate their slime pots.

A couple of tips for anyone thinking of hosting a slime making party;

  • We did it in two groups so there was plenty of space round the table (and to reduce the mess) it worked really well as half decorated their pots while the other half made the slime.
  • Measure out the correct amount of glue and ‘magic liquid’ for each child before hand. Then all they need to do is follow your instructions of add this or mix that. You end up using lots of containers along the way so washing up is fun at the end but it makes it run so smoothly.
  • You can use ANY clear glue. Don’t think because you’re using the Elmer activator you have to use their branded glue, it is a lot more expensive and own brand clear glue works perfectly.

All the children loved making their slime and they loved playing with it even more. Maisy declared it her best party yet!

Watch the whole birthday video here 🙂


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