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Cosy nights in with my girls are my favourites, Arla provided the girls and I all we needed for a ‘goodness night in’ We couldn’t wait to get stuck in to our box of goodies.

We snuggled up with some delicious hot chocolates made with Arla Goodness in our newly customised mugs! We ate freshly popped pop corn (some more than others cough cough). We played monopoly, and I tried to keep my competitive nature under wraps but ended up having the thrash all the kids anyway (opps). We finished up with a film – the perfect evening if you ask me.

Our lives are hectic, there’s no other way to describe it. Between working full time, the kids all being at school with various clubs, play dates, homework deadlines and never ending stream of birthday parties I do feel like I’m winging this whole ‘organised super mum’ thing a lot of the time. While spinning all the plates it’s so easy to let things go under the radar from time to time.

One part of our lives I don’t ever like to compromise on, no matter the time restraint or challenges, is our health and wellbeing. To me it’s so important for us all to have a healthy, well-balanced diet and to educate the children on that as they grow older, They’re already start making their own decisions when it comes to food and drink, often sorting their own snacks or putting bits together for lunch.

That’s why even on little treat nights like this I look at ways to make sure they’re still getting a level of goodness.

Dairy, is such an important food group for growing children and  even teenagers. Particularly when it comes to normal bone and teeth development. Arla Goodness is the perfect way to help me and my girls top up on those important nutrients.

Did you know, 50% of the recommended daily calcium intake can be found in just one 250ml glass? Not online that but there is also 30% more protein in Arla Goodness than in semi-skimmed milk and less fat (only 1%). It is just a small switch but it can really help get that all important calcium the family needs.

Our Arla Goodness night in was just what we needed, not only did we have a great family night but I’m reassured knowing my girls are getting all the goodness they need.

Keeping those plates still spinning never felt so good.

Arla Goodness is available in selected Tesco and Sainsbury stores now. 

Visit https://www.arlafoods.co.uk/brands/arla-goodness/ for more information.


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