Seven Best Family-Friendly Rides at Walt Disney World Orlando

Seven Best Family-Friendly Rides at Walt Disney World Orlando


For young children, there are few places in the world as exciting as a holiday to Orlando, Florida! The theme park capital of the world has plenty to delight young minds, particularly in the fantastic Walt Disney World. Walking around the giant theme parks – four of them in total – feels like stepping into dozens of new worlds, each with something new to discover. 

The sheer scale of excitement at these parks is enough to make even the most mature of adults fall under its magical spell. Walt Disney World is the perfect place to explore as a family, and these awesome rides designed for everyone are a great example of the fun that can be had!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Everyone’s favourite Space Ranger has got a new mission, and he needs your help! Riders board one of the star cruisers and embark on an interactive, glow-in-the-dark journey, shooting a colourful laser cannon at surrounding targets. This slow ride is designed to suit all ages and is a perfect way for growing children to engage with the famous Toy Story characters!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

 Another Disney Classic, the Dumbo merry-go-round is a huge favourite with kids. This simple ride allows you to go flying through the air with the big-eared elephant in an enchanting journey perfect for the little ones! There are no age or height restrictions, kids can board in pairs, and each cart controls how high in the sky they go. With the added Disney touch of magic, this comfortable cruise will create many unforgettable memories!