OKIDO Which Way Game |Review|

As a family we love to sit together and play a good board game. It really is one of our favourite ways to spend an evening. So when the Which Way? Game, arrived from OKIDO the girls and I set aside an evening to play.

So firstly what is OKIDO?
OKIDO have one very clear belief, that every child is a creative scientist. The OKIDO world is designed to immerse young children in a range of activities and media, all designed by science and education experts. At the heart of it all lies STEAM learning, designed to encourage collaboration, curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity and critical thinking.

So on to the Which Way game. The Which Way game is a fun adventure game that aims to teach coding skills to 4-8 year olds. The aim is to help Messy Monster across the board using the magnetic tiles to create a route.

It really encourages cognitive thinking and problem solving. It’s really fun especially if you start adding in a timer like we did to really put the pressure on.

As a mum of three any game that brings my three together and see’s them working as a team is just amazing. This game did just that!

Maisy and Bella enjoyed their turns, they could quick quickly plan a route and then map it out, Lottie needed a little more help and they loved to help her and were so proud of her when she got their and they could see it all come together.

I also love how it’s just the one sheet with the magnetic pieces, the car, and spinner it makes it really practical for storing.

The girls have had it out multiple time since, I often come down stairs to find them quietly playing together – any mums know that’s the sign of a great game!

The OKIDO game retails at £24.98 and can be found online here it will make a great Christmas gift this year if you are looking for something fun but educational!

We were sent this game for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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