Little Decorative Touches That Make a Huge Difference

Have you ever walked into a freshly decorated room and got the feeling that something is off. Not quite right? I know I have.

After a while, what is wrong becomes obvious. Usually, it turns out to be something small. A little detail that we have missed, which, most of the time, can easily be fixed. Here are a few decorating tasks that are often overlooked.

Renewing the skirting boards

When redecorating a room renewing the skirting boards is not top of most homeowner’s list. Yet, as you can see here, there are more than 60 different styles available.

If you want to decorate your Victorian house in the style of that era, leaving narrow, plain, modern skirting boards in place would ruin the overall look. You would need to rip those out and install a higher, more ornate version that is more in keeping with that look.

Periodically dealing with chips and scuff marks

Once you have got your home looking how you want it, you need to keep it that way. The best way to do this is to schedule some time to touch things up. Get rid of any deeply ingrained marks on the wall and paint out any chips. Usually, it will only take you a couple of hours to do and will have a transformative effect. You can find out how to do it without making your walls look patchy from the web.

Keep things tidy

If you have the time, de-clutter each room at the same time. Having a clear out 2 or 3 times a year makes this task feel far less daunting. A tidy, uncluttered room always looks better.

Deep clean

Every now and again deep clean each room. Polish the furniture, take all of the cushion covers off and wash them. Steam clean your curtains and wash down your paintwork with a vinegar or sugar soap solution. Getting everything gleaming again will save you from having to redecorate so often.

Use curtain ties

If you rarely draw your curtains consider using curtain ties. These enable you to dress your windows more attractively. Ties will keep everything in place, so you will only have to dress your windows once.

Hang a mirror

Mirrors can make a huge difference to how a home looks and feel. They capture the light and reflect it back into the room, making it feel brighter and airier. You can also use them to make rooms seem bigger.

Use small items to complete your look

If one of your room feels a little unfinished consider buying some new accessories or soft furnishings. Little items like throws, rugs or ornaments can be used to pull the different elements of the room together. For example, if you have cream walls and a beige carpet a set of earth tone or chocolate brown cushions could be used to add some interest and create a more harmonious look.

Knowing how to blend colours together is an invaluable skill for a home decorator. So, next time you want to redecorate go online and find a colour wheel, which you can use to help you to choose colours that compliment each other.


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