Cutting Food Waste

A few months back I had a HUGE kitchen declutter, when I say huge I am really not exaggerating. It was epic, if you have read my blog for a while you will know I am big on decluttering – I love it. There is something about sorting through and getting a big bag delivered to the charity shop that fills me with joy. However as I went through the kitchen I was actually really gutted to see just how much food I had that was going to waste, things that had missed their use by date or that I just knew we were never going to eat.

I sorted out a big bag for the food bank, but a lot ended up in the bin. It made me feel determined to cut my food waste going forward. So here are some tips for ensuring you waste less food.

  1. Meal plan; have a good look through your cupboards and fridge freezer when you start meal planning. Is there anything nearing its use by date? Is there anything you can use within a meal next week. Plan it all out day by day and only buy what you really need. If you are interested in some more meal planning tips I wrote a whole post on it which you can find here.
  2. Use up your left overs; I love using up leftovers. I tend to take any left over dinner to work with me, even if it’s a small portion I bulk it out with some bread and butter and salad.
    Eat it, don’t bin it! If I cook a big chicken or something for a roast on Sunday I use the left over meat for a curry or a soup the next day. One, it makes dinner nice and quick the next day and it also reduces any waste.
  3. Check the dates; Seems obvious but check the dates when you buy – particularly for meat and dairy. You have your meal plan all set out so don’t buy mince that goes out of date on Monday if you need to cook them Thursday – simple.
  4. Use your freezer; An obvious one but often forgotten. Keep checking the dates on things and if you feel like you may not use it up just freeze it. So much can be frozen that you don’t even realise – check out this post with 25 surprising foods you can freeze.
  5. Eat ethically; along with the waste of food there is also the waste from the packaging. Reuse shopping bags that you already have, take your own boxes to the supermarket for fresh fruit and veg and try something like a meat delivery from Graig Farm who provide organic meat deliveries to your door with no plastic!
  6. Take things to the food bank; If you know you’re not going to use something – perhaps some weird beetroot granola you bought whilst on a health kick that’s now just collecting dust, take it to the food bank. You might not get the use out of it but someone else will really benefit from your donation.

So those are my tips to help you reduce your food waste, I hope this post is useful. If you have any more to share leave them in the comments below. 


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