Bathroom Storage Hacks

My new kitchen is being delivered in exactly one weeks time ready to be fitted the following weekend. Is it bad that after all of that planning and organisation, I am already thinking about updates I’d like to make to the bathroom?

I know I must be mad, who enjoys all that upheaval but I’d really like to make some changes. The tiles would be first on my list, I would love a more modern look to the bathroom I have seen so many gorgeous Middle Eastern patterns – I love that look right now! I think I’d have to choose from a range of Porcelanosa Tiles, they have so much choice. For now though my plans will have to remain small!

Little things like adding some more storage would make a huge difference in my small bathroom, we have a huge corner bath which I love but it doesn’t leave much room for much else. I find so many clever little storage hacks whilst trawling through Pinterest…

Here are some of my faves


Use your walls and get things up on shelves! Firstly it keeps your floor space clear and secondly it’s just nice to have a place to pop little trinkets and pretty baskets on – it all adds to the decor! Spice racks work really well in the bathroom if your space is limited, no one wants a bumped head. They’re narrow and will keep all your bits secure.

Use your door

The back of your door is the perfect place to create some extra storage. Hang some baskets, fit some rails or even use a shoe organiser on the back of your door and organise all your cosmetics. The possibilities are endless and they can look really artistic while keeping everything tidy.

A magnetic strip

Constantly finding hair grips lying around?? Perhaps you’re spending ages looking for the nail scissors or tweezers? An amazing hack I have spotted is to fix a magnetic strip somewhere around your dressing area and you can just pop those little metal items on there you’ll know exactly where they are at all times!

Basin units

The area around the sink is often wasted, it’s quite an awkward space to use and fill to it’s full potential. A sink basin unit is a great way to get the most out of it. They not only look a lot nicer they make for great storage, just pop some little baskets in on the shelfs to organise and you are away!

Jars and Baskets

You’ve got your shelves, you’ve got your units, now you need to keep things organised. Baskets and Jars are my favourite way to do that. Cotton wool balls and cotton buds can go neatly in jars and your spare shampoo, conditioner and toothpastes can fit into baskets for easy access without making the bathroom look cluttered.

What do you think of these storage hacks? Do you have anymore to add? I’d love to hear your own ideas. 


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