How To Get A Good Night Sleep

How to get a good night sleep; from one mother to another.

Sleep is precious, if there’s one thing parents can agree on it is that. We start motherhood exhausted from weeks of uncomfortable sleep late in pregnancy and the fact we just birthed a human. First thoughts are ooo I need a good night sleep now, unfortunately said little human will have other ideas about that one.
A few months in and you’ll be used to the night feeds, the night changes, the night burping etc and then they will do something crazy – they’ll sleep through the night. By this point your body clock will be ruined but you’ll do you best to adjust to the new routine, just as you do BAM sleep regression. Oh sleep regression you are so real.

Repeat for 3 years and hello.. welcome to my world, they sleep hoorah!

But I can’t. 

This is the problem with being an adult and raising three children, my mind never switches off and a good nights sleep have been few and far between recently. Never fear there is a way, I have to be super strict with myself but these are some of the little things I do to ensure I do have a good night sleep, it’s really working for me.

Make a list before bed. 
Don’t wait for the morning to make that to do list or it will keep whizzing around in your head all night, write down all the things you know you either didn’t get round to doing that day or you need to do tomorrow. It takes them from your head to paper and you can let go of them until the morning. You’ll feel so much better for it and be able to take on those tasks fully rested and rejuvenated.

Have some wind down time. 
Yes, just like they tell you to do with your children. There is real method to the madness; screen time and activities that require lots of brain power are no good before you hit the hay. Slow right down; have a bath, do a face mask, read a book, do some knitting – whatever really relaxes you. By screen time I’m not saying don’t watch a film or tv but staring at your phone or tablet right before bed really wont help you switch off.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary.
My personal favourite one, make your bedroom your happy place. Whether thats with a few new cushions, a lick of paint or even a new mattress make sure its a room you are happy to be in. For me that means no toys, no kids stuff (it’s everywhere else in the house my room is my escape!) I love buying new little bits for my bedroom whether it’s some little fairy lights to go around my bed or it’s a candle it makes be feel so cosy.

Comfort is key.
Let’s face it if you’re not comfortable you wont sleep as well – fact. I am someone who can nod off just about anywhere but I rarely feel good for it unless I have been in my bed with two pillows, a big cosy duvet and the perfect mattress.
Which brings me onto key to my recent sleep success, my new Leesa mattress! Oh the difference a quality mattress can make. The combination of three foam layers ensure a cooler night sleep (night sweats are the worst),  pressure relief and the dense core is there to support. YES. I was sceptical, I mean how much difference can a mattress make? The answer is tons I will never look at a sprung mattress again. I love how the Leesa mattress arrived; it was in a teeny box for a minute I thought my order was wrong – how could a mattress possibly fit in there? But it did, it rolls out and then springs up to full size it’s so cool to watch.

My productivity levels are always so much higher after a good nights rest. I spring out of bed rather than reluctantly drag my sorry self out. The kids get a happy mumma and I don’t rely on caffeine to get through the morning – win win.

Leesa have very kindly sponsored this post and have offered all of my readers a whopping £100 off any Leesa Mattress when you use the code ‘EVERYTHINGMUMMY‘. I really can’t recommend them enough so if you are looking for a new mattress then please do check them out here with a 100-night risk-free trial you can’t really go wrong!

Leesa are really big on giving back so for every ten mattresses they sell they donate one to charity. I think it’s amazing to see a company being so thoughtful and looking for new ways to support charitable causes.


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  1. January 14, 2019 / 9:46 am

    Making a list is a routine I have developed before bed lately, and it sure does help! A bit of a “brain dump”. So important to go to bed not overthinking things. I will definitely keep your other tips in mind.

  2. January 14, 2019 / 11:08 am

    Getting a good night sleep is so important. I don’t have kids yet, but am taking plenty of notes from this post! The mattress looks great too.

  3. January 14, 2019 / 11:12 am

    Thank you for the tips, I always struggle to get a good night sleep.

  4. January 14, 2019 / 1:49 pm

    Thank you so much for this info. I don’t always have a hard time sleeping, but when I do, it’s really terrible. I need to do whatever I can to make sure I get good sleep.

  5. January 14, 2019 / 5:46 pm

    These are really great ideas. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and hopefully these will really help! Thanks!

  6. Shatan
    January 14, 2019 / 8:10 pm

    I agree comfort is definitely key to getting the best rest! Great post and picture!

  7. Brianna
    January 14, 2019 / 11:37 pm

    I love how your bedroom is decorated! The tips you provide are definitely in use by me already so I love them! Planning my tomorrow before I go to bed gives me a sense of relaxation as I know what needs to be done the next day and I’m not stressing or forgetting anything

  8. Preet
    January 15, 2019 / 7:11 am

    Lately, I found myself having not a good sleep at night and this is actually what I needed right now. Thank you for sharing.

  9. January 15, 2019 / 9:08 am

    Good quality sleep is so important for our everyday rest. It is the time for our body to recover so we will be fit and fresh again the following day. Love all the tips you share.

  10. January 15, 2019 / 10:57 am

    We really need a new mattress! I also find my Lumie sunset light helps too.

  11. January 15, 2019 / 11:15 am

    If I don’t have a good mattress, I can’t sleep well. I just returned from a 3 weeks trip in which I think I only had just a couple of good night sleeps, and those were because of jet lag. A high quality mattress makes such a difference in how good we sleep.

  12. January 15, 2019 / 11:38 am

    This was a great read – I find it so hard to switch off too

  13. January 15, 2019 / 6:42 pm

    I also make sure to keep kid toys out of our bedroom; it’s my special place just for me!

  14. January 15, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    Great ideas, I can sleep fine until my baby boy wakes me up! A good quality mattress makes such a difference, Leesa mattresses are great!

  15. January 15, 2019 / 9:36 pm

    Mine sleep (mostly) too and now, I can enjoy a night’s uninterrupted sleep. I love my Leesa mattress too. I’ve had mine a couple of months now and it’s changed a lot for me: I feel more rested, my back no longer hurts and it feels so soft it’s hard to leave my bed 🙂

  16. Tonya Morris
    January 16, 2019 / 1:42 am

    The to do list before bed is a great idea. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before! Definitely doing this tonight!

  17. January 16, 2019 / 5:14 am

    These are great tips. I think many moms have trouble sleeping, especially when so much happens within family life. A great mattress always helps too!

  18. January 16, 2019 / 12:39 pm

    Gosh we need a new mattress so badly! Must must must sort!

  19. January 17, 2019 / 2:08 am

    So relevant and so so helpful! Will be trying to incorporate these into my nightly routine!

  20. Candice-Marie Jaggan
    January 18, 2019 / 8:21 am

    AW I love this post…How fun that I am reading it at 4:19am and I have not yet slept for the night 🙁
    My son does not do good with a early bedtime so most times I can get him to bed by 10/11pm and then it’s my time, to reply to emails, read blogs, work on collabs etc. It sucks yes I know and I hope I can get some better sleep soon but you are so right, lack of sleep really does make you a grumpier less patient mom.

    I’m working on it….I can literally close my eyes and imagine what the beautiful mattress must have felt like huh,….yeah I’m that tired lol

  21. January 25, 2019 / 3:32 pm

    Turning in at the same time each night helps me to sleep well. I feel I need a routine to get sound sleep. Great tips!


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