A morning in the life of a working mum..

7am – The day begins, who am I kidding I’ve been awake for half an hour but I’m pretending not to hear the girls fighting over a toy in the next room.

7:30am – Ok get up or we will be late, get up, get up, GET UP. I’m up – where’s the coffee??? Two scoop of Nescafe kinda day – yup.
Time to prepare breakfasts that will only be half eaten as per and potter about the kitchen putting things away whilst the caffeine sinks in.

8am – I can see straight again and spot the time – shit shit shit. Throw uniforms at children and dive into the shower. No time for hair washing it’ll have to be dry shampoo again. Start to wonder if it would be wise to buy shares in Batise??

8:15am – I’ve attempted to throw some make up in the direction of my face an tied my hair in the fail safe ‘mum bun’. Jeans and jumper on, thank god my workplace is casual on the work wear. Power suits are not my bag.

8:25am – Kids are half dressed; the odd sock, cardigan, tie or shoe missing. Here comes 5 minutes of frantic searching, teeth brushing, hair styling and lots of huffing and puffing from the kids.
I spot a load of washing in the machine, as we fly out the door, that hasn’t been hung to dry. Fuck it, I don’t know what is in there but it’s too late now – dryer for it all! (And we wonder why jeans keep shrinking).

8:40am – Boot the children out of the car declaring my love and wishing them a lovely day, whilst smiling smuggly that we’ve now hit 3 days in a row without forgetting a thing or being late – high five!

8:45am– Back at the school with a forgotten P.E kit – Bloody kids we were on for a world record there!

8:50am – Ten minutes to makes the 15 minute drive to the office – can I do it, can it do it. Belt out some old school Destiny’s child on the drive – “all the women who independent throw your hands up at me..”

9:07am – No I definitely cannot do that drive in 10 minutes.

9:10am – Fresh coffee in hand, discussing how hard it is to remember a P.E kit once a week.
And now on with some work and to think about the bowl of weetabix on the side at home slowly turning into cement…

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