2019 Women’s Winter Fashion Essentials

It’s definitely getting colder, so my thoughts have turned to finishingoff my winter wardrobe. Inspiring me to put together this winter clothing themed post.

As you can see here there are plenty of winter clothes for you to buy. So, finding what you need should not prove difficult, especially if you are prepared to shop online. Here are my ideas on what you need to have in your wardrobe to be well dressed, along with a few trend observations.

A thick warm coat

Top of the list is a nice warm coat. It really is a winter wardrobe staple. This year, wool is back in fashion. It is a natural fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and can stop you from getting soaked to the skin. Real wool can absorb and hold up to a third of its own weight in water. So, you can get caught in a shower and still stay lovely and warm. This article explains why this and will help you to select the right type of wool coat.


Another winter essential is knitwear. This year, super long cardigans are very much on trend. These are great for wearing while you potter around the house, especially when you’ve got the heating off.  They are ideal for when you have to pop out in the car to pick the kids up. I see them as a dressing gown that’s acceptable to wear in public.. anyone else? 

You really should also have a couple of thinner jumpers or cardigans to hand. You want something that will fit comfortably under a coat or jacket without restricting your freedom of movement. You can stay lovely and warm by donning a v-neck sweater or maybe two over the top of a t-shirt, so these are a particularly good option. They look great when worn with jeans.


Speaking of which, you really cannot beat jeans for keeping you warm. I live in jeans as you guys know. For the perfect winter jeans just make sure that yours are big enough to enable you to pull on a pair of jeggings or tights on under them. You will be glad you are able to do this when there is snow on the ground. Layering up is the way forward. 

A good pair of boots

For keeping your feet warm, you need a decent pair of boots. This year, the more casual types are back in vogue. Think ankle and cowboy boots. These are fine for wearing with jeans and trousers. You can also pair ankle boots with with thick tights and winter dress.

Regardless of what style you choose, be sure to think about the practicalities as well as how good they look. For instance, are the heels low enough and is the sole grippy enough to keep you upright on an icy pavement.

The finishing touches

If you want to look your best, it is important not to skimp on accessories. It is those little extra items that complete your look. You can find out more about what you need and how to choose the right hat, scarf, gloves etc, by clicking here and reading the article I wrote on that very subject.


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