Fun Projects to Transform Your Garden This Winter

Gardens are a wonderful space for the whole family to enjoy. A well looked after garden can not only be the scene for entertaining, relaxation and games, but it can add value to your home. People often make the mistake of concentrating their gardening efforts to the warmer and sunnier seasons; however, winter is the time that can yield the most year-round results for your garden. To help inspire you to wrap up warm and get outside, here are 3 fun projects that all the family can take part in and help to transform your garden:

  1. Dig new beds

With summer garden memories still fresh in your mind, you will be aware of where there were floral gaps in your garden. Now is the time to dig new flower beds. The benefit of digging beds in winter is that the frost will further break the soil over winter and force to the surface any small rocks that are hidden. It’s far less backbreaking to do it now! Add compost or well-rotted organic matter so that the plants that you put in your beds will have access to the best nutrients. What’s more, the children will love having an opportunity to dig!

Tip: if you have very sandy soil, avoid digging new beds until spring as your beds will lose too much moisture over winter. 

  1. Wildlife care

There is no doubt that the wildlife in your garden can suffer during winter, and with care, you can ensure that the wildlife stays as year-round guests in your garden. Building a bug hotel is great fun and will keep the children entertained for a good length of time. The birds will appreciate the extra source of food, and your garden will benefit in spring and summer from the increased pollination and pest predators. 

Pay attention to your pond. Remove the leaves and plant debris to ensure that the decomposing matter does not affect the pond’s delicate ecosystem. While this is a fun job, you need to mindful of the fish! Filtration should ideally be left running as moving water freezes at a lower temperature. Water Garden can provide you with any replacement equipment you need to maintain your pond. 

  1. Winter flowering plants

There is little more joyous than seeing borders, pots and containers filled with a floral display, and this includes winter. You can still enjoy floral scents and colours despite the season, although the plants that you choose must be hardy, otherwise, they will be prone to frost and die. The children can each pick a container to look after and decide what colours they want to grow. Giving your children the responsibility of looking after a container helps to instil within them a sense of how as individuals they can make an impact on the environment. 

Involving your children in the maintenance of your garden is important. It helps to shape their understanding of flora and fauna and grow their connection with the natural world and environment.



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