Berry Picking At Sopley Farm

As the glorious weather continues to shine down on sunny Bournemouth the girls and I have been making the most our weekends together and getting outside! We headed over to Sopley Farm for our annual berry pick and this year we were happy to see we had made it just in time to find a ton of deliciously juicy strawberries ready to pick.

Last year we went at the completely wrong time and all the strawberries were a rather disappointing shade of green!

Sopley Farm strawberry picking

The girls grabbed their baskets (one each of corse they couldn’t possibly share) and we set about filling them up. It didn’t take long at all to be honest there were so many strawberries to chose from and my girls are efficient little things when the mood takes them.

Sopley Farm Strawberry picking

Strawberry juice did end up everywhere but it was worth it.

It was lovely to see that this year Sopley Farm has a little pop up cafe just by the play park. Think vintage teacups and freshly made milkshakes served in milk bottles. Very cute, very instagramable.

Berry picking is one of our favourite summer time traditions and Sopley Farm is always our go to. Based just on the outside of Christchurch it’s not too far away and there is always plenty of parking. Adding the play area and new cafe just made it so much better you can spend a few hours enjoying the sun before taking your berries home and trying to fit all three punnet into the fridge!

Sopley Farm is also a great spot for some pumpkin picking later in the year!


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