My tips for saving money as a single mum

Kids are expensive! There is no way to beat around the bush or sugar coat it – these little people come a lot of money.

Since becoming a single mum over 3 years ago I have become sole responsible for providing for these girls of mine day to day. It’s been up and down along the way money wise to say the least. I was so used to someone else sorting out the bills etc when I had to look after it all it was a little chaotic!

I know there are so many others in a similar position to me and as it’s something I am often asked about so I wanted to share my tips for saving money and keeping on top of the finances as a single mum.

  1. Have a money calendar. This is the place to keep note of everything coming in and out of your account on a monthly bases. You’ll be able to easily see when bills are due and direct debits are leaving. This will just help you budget throughout the month and ensure you don’t accidentally miss anything and end up with any charges!
  2. Meal plan and food prep. Exactly what it says on the tin. Plan your meals and pre-prepare as much as you can. I like to plan a week ahead taking into account what we already have in the cupboards to save on the food shop. I try to batch cook when possible and make lunches to save on eating out at work everyday!
  3. Ebay. So this is a money maker rather than a money saver but if you’re like me a small fortune is spent on kids clothing and toys that they grow out of way to quickly. Wack it on eBay in small weekly batches, decluttering and adding a few pennies in your pocket.
  4. Shop Smart. Use discount sites; when the girls needed new trainers for sports day I went straight online to find Groupon’s latest shoe deals. It’s so easy to find some great bargains. It’ not about going without or wearing your shoes until they have holes in just shop smart.
  5. Make the most of Free days out. Entertaining children isn’t cheap. With the summer fast approaching I know I won’t be the only one wincing at the prices of the top days out. Make the most of great parks around you, if you live near a beach invest in a bucket and spade and have a ton of fun free days out. It doesn’t always need to be big extravagant days out. One or two great days out are lovely but make sure you shop about for some good deals online.

I hope these little tips help you, I know first hand how pressured it can feel to be the one solely responsible for the finances it’s not easy but you can do it!


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