THE WEEKLY |Bella Turns Six|

Another week has passed and today is a very exciting day, Bella is SIX! It felt only right that this post should be dedicated to my girl as she turns another year older.

I’ve never really told my birth or pregnancy stories on my blog. I started writing after Lottie was born so it seemed almost irrelevant to go back but when I think back now to six years ago, the day I met my blue eye’d girl it’s already turning into a blur. Of corse I’ll never forget the day, how could you but the details aren’t as fresh as they once were now.

Bella was my most difficult pregnancy and labour, I think having the girls so close together contributed to that. I had terrible back ache, I was so anaemic I had to have regular iron infusions and blood tests, she was measuring really small so I had lots of scans and check up’s and I had what the doctor called an irritate uterus meaning the Braxton hicks contractions we all get, felt incredibly intense and strong from about 24 weeks resulting in lots of sleepless nights and scares of early labour.

She didn’t come early; in fact my clever little girl came bang on her due date! And she certainly came with a bang. As there were fears over a small baby I was classed as high risk so I spent 2 hours of my 2 and a half hour labour strapped up to all sorts of machines being poked and prodded. My labour went much faster than anyone anticipated so it was all a bit dramatic at the end. I had a room full of doctors and midwives, Bella herself was even a little stunned over the welcome party she didn’t cry or let out her first precious breath. The silence was deafening. She was swept off and alarms were rang, I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

It was the longest five minutes of my life.

Her dad left the room and returned in tears I was so confused still in my post labour daze until I spotted the midwife behind cradling my little girl and realised his tears were ones of happiness.

We stayed in over night because of the commotion my girl had caused and she hasn’t changed since that day. She’s grown and developed in the most beautiful way and makes me so so proud but her head strong attitude she still causes regular commotions!

Happy birthday Baby Bell – six years old today!



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