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Sometimes I feel as though my travel experiences have been some what limited. I have visited a few places in Europe over the years and even ventured to the Caribbean last year but I tend to go for the more well known holiday destinations, opting for some kind of package deal and not really experiencing all that country has to offer.
There is so much more I want to see of this world, I really want to immerse myself into the culture, lifestyles and see the natural beauty they have to offer.

A Continent I have never visited and is high on my list is America. Of corse I want to do all the touristy things; Disney Florida, New York, LA but from researching there are so many other states that look amazing that are being added to my list each day. Utah for instance isn’t somewhere I would have really thought of as a go to destination but it looks so so beautiful. I found some amazing luxurious rental homes in Utah at great prices it got me looking into the best things to do whilst visiting so I thought I would share them too for anyone else who currently has a travel bug and is looking to explore new places.

A little bit more about Utah; Utah is in western USA, it is home to the great salt lake! 3-5 times saltier than the sea, it’s almost impossible not to float in this water. Utah has lovely hot summers but has an annual average snow fall of 47 inches!

Now on to the most beautiful places to visit in Utah.

Arches National Park

Literally the most instagramable setting I have ever seen! This national park would be top of my list, with breath taking views and gorgeous scenery all around. It’s the place that made me think wow I want to visit Utah.

It seems like the perfect destination for some out door exploring with things like hiking, rock climbing, bike routes on offer. I myself would probably spend the day taking photos!

Bryce Canyon National Park

Again the most beautiful setting for a hike. I can’t get over how naturally gorgeous Utah’s national parks are I would be itching to explore I were near by.

Salt Lake City

The ever so famous salt lake city, even an untraveled individual like me has heard of this one! You can visit attractions like Temple Square, the State Capitol Building and Old Deseret Village. Salt Lake City hosted the winter Olympics in 2002 so sports fans will love visiting the stadiums and the olympic village.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Umm did some one mention hot springs?? I am there! A small hike and then chance to dive into the amazing hot springs beneath the waterfall. It sounds like my idea of heaven!

The Narrows

The Narrows is in Zion national park, I feel like Utah is the budding photograohers dream location. A trek through water what an amazing experience! It sounds like one of those bucket list kind of hikes that you need to try at least once.


As I mentioned above the snow fall in Utah is pretty epic making it one of the best places to visit for skiing or snowboarding. Now I am not a snow loving kind of girl I much prefer a beach holiday but as I am trying to broaden my traveling horizons I have to say it looks amazing.


Museum’s and art 

If you love to indulge your artistic side or find out all about the history and culture of the town you are visiting then you’ll be pleased to hear there are a ton of great museums in Utah. From the The Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to the Springville Museum of Art you will find something inspiring and incredible. The Natural History Museum Of Utah is meant to be really great fun for children as well!

Seven Peaks Water Parks

We will say this one is for the children but we all know that letting an adult loose in a water park is like unleashing your inner child! Seven Peaks Water park sounds so much fun with 16 waterslides, a 400,000 gallon Wave Pool, kids swimming areas and slides, a giant Half Pipe tube ride, 100-foot Free Fall drops slides, and a quarter-mile Lazy River I don’t know what more you could ever need from a water park – accept maybe a towel of corse!


Every holiday has to involve a little shopping, right? I for one always leave a little extra room in the suitcase for gift and maybe one or two bits for myself. Utah is home to some of the biggest shopping centres in the country. From Salt Lake City’s shopping experience – City Creek Center to Farmington’s Station Park whether you are looking for outlet malls, antique shops or even handmade craft stores you are bound to find what you are looking for! I think its amazing you can go from the breath taking views of the national parks or ski resorts back to the mall in no time at all.

That sums up my round up of top things to do when visiting Utah! I really hope it has been helpful for anyone looking to plan a trip stateside in the future. I know my eyes have been open to what the USA has to offer.

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