Household items you never knew you could repair!

If your home is anything like mine, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that our household appliances get a lot of daily abuse!

Because our appliances are used so much it’s no surprise that they can die on us so quickly. If you were being frugal or you thought that rejecting that extended warranty was a good idea when you were in the shop, then you may be kicking yourself when the coffee machine breaks down just as you have an army of mum friends popping over who need a caffeine fix!

Many of us simply rush out – if we have the means – and head straight to the nearest appliance store; pick up what we need and spend the next few months paying for it, hoping it doesn’t need replacing any time soon. Did you know that there is another option? There are companies out there that actually specialise in repairing household appliances that have a reputation for breakdowns. You can see one of them on this site.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the appliances you can get repaired – so hopefully we can save a little bit of money and not panic too much the next time something breaks!

The coffee machine

These days, it’s all about coffee. Whether we’re heading to a well known coffee chain for a catch up with friends or we’re discovering a little artisan coffee shop that’s a complete hidden gem, coffee is big business. This is why so many of us are lucky to have our own mini coffee machines at home.

If like me, you can’t function without your morning coffee – then the idea of it breaking down is enough to bring on the cold sweats! Whether the filter is blocked, or the steamer isn’t frothing your milk properly – no matter what the problem, if can usually be fixed! So, do a little research before you head out to the shop.

Food mixers

You did away with your hand mixer when you unboxed this amazing appliance I’m sure! So, the idea of mixing all that cake batter by hand when you’ve got 40 buns, a banana loaf and a Victoria sponge to make for the school bring and buy sale, isn’t exactly ideal!

Again, my stand mixer wasn’t something I knew was fixable! I always assumed that items such as this were unsalvageable and when they went, that was it! But taking the time to find a reputable appliance repair company and having your stand mixer repaired is a much better way to save money, don’t you think?

Steam Iron

When I knocked my iron off the ironing board and the tip broke off – I threw it in the bin and simply got a new one. It wasn’t cheap I can tell you! But that was before I knew anything about household appliance repairs. A good iron is hard to find, and the higher quality ones aren’t cheap either, so investing a little money in an appliance that was only broken due to human error is definitely worth it!

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